Tag That Image! #9

Tag That Image! #9

Another Friday is upon us, my little Gorriors and that means another Tag That Image Contest is also here. So tag that image and check out last week’s winner here!


“Despite being a group of “no bodies” I see this is is a portrait of some famous boneheads.. The Skeleton Crew, from left to right is: Howard Sternum, Bones Mccoy, Patella The Hun, Napoleon Bone Apart and Pelvis Costello.” – @bannedanna


“Third world country bus stops… Just walk, you’ll get there faster.” – @deathoverdue

“As we see, the grey shawl seems to be the “in thing” for fukushima beach goers this season” – @karmen40

“Even with Fast Pass, the line for Frozen Ever After at Epcot is ridiculous!” – @harumph

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