Young Guy Beheaded With Creepy Look On His Face

I don’t have any info on why this guy is being beheaded but I can take a wild guess and say it’s due to drugs. He was already pretty beat up before the beheading started. The video doesn’t have sound through most of it, but you can hear one last huge gasp from the victim when his windpipe is severed. I’ve watched so many beheadings that I can’t even count, but the look on his face creeped me out more than I’ve been creeped out in a while. It almost looks like he felt it until the last second.

Thanks to @MrsPink.

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13 thoughts on “Young Guy Beheaded With Creepy Look On His Face

  1. I still say they’re doing it wrong. If you really want to make a statement, you humiliate him first by stripping him naked and cutting off his penis and balls – which you give away as trophies to someone in the audience. Then you cut off fingers and toes, hands and feet, arms and legs.

    THEN you finish him off with beheading. These guys go straight for the kill. Pity.

  2. Yeah, until they get to the spinal cord. You are going to feel every bit of the pain. Once that is severed, it’s all over once your brain runs out of the oxygen from the blood poring through the new hole in your old neck. Then it’s fade to black…

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