Children Crying After Surviving Traffic Accident

Children Crying After Surviving Traffic Accident

Good news and bad news with this post, Gorriors. First the good news, the children involved in the accident have survived. The bad news is they seem to be down a family member or two and one is seriously injured. The people in the other car didn’t get any kind of luck though and are crushed in their car. Head out, blood leaking onto the road. Shame the children have to witness such horror, but such is life. It doesn’t care how old you are or who you are. We are just circumstancial… a blink.

Thanks to @mrspink.

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10 thoughts on “Children Crying After Surviving Traffic Accident

    • Careful dude. Protecting/looking out for children that aren’t yours may find you being attacked by the latest trend of virgin women haters lol.

      I’m a “white knight” cuz I look out for or defend women I’m not fucking. ? so child bashing might be the next step. If these guys would put some effort into their appearance, develop a personality and learn how to talk to girls, they might get some attention from pretty ones who they condemn as whores and sluts. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll call a hoe a hoe just like i call a spade a spade but just cuz a woman dresses and acts like a WOMAN doesn’t make her a whore. So if I’m a white knight, they are Virgins hahaha

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    • That was the most awful thing I’ve seen in a while. Little girl in pink was so cute and brave given something hit her in the face. Kids crying like that at something done by stupid adults is just plain heartbreaking. The MSM was just showing a video taken by a 13 year old girl cryin’ cause the mean old migra was hauling Papi off to the perrero (dog pound). The new Prez is really making a name for himself 😉

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