Man Beheaded Over Noodles in China

Man Beheaded Over Noodles in China

On February 18, 2017.. a 22-year-old man beheaded the 42-year-old owner of a diner over noodles in Wuchang Railway Station, in central China. The killer claimed that the owner overcharged him 3 yuan, which comes out to be about 44 cents in US dollars. The suspect, last name Hu, from Sichuan province ordered three bowls of noodles and then found out he was charged 1 yuan ($0.15) more than the price stated on the menu for each bowl of noodles. The restaurant owner named Yao told Hu, “If you can’t pay for it, don’t eat and get out!”. Hu flipped out and decided he’d rather spend years in prison than be overcharged, so he beheaded the owner with a butcher knife and threw his head into a bucket. And y’all thought I took my Taco Bell seriously.. psssh.

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21 thoughts on “Man Beheaded Over Noodles in China

  1. @yournextexgirl What would you do if some guy took all your Taco Bell tacos and burritos away from you, right before you were about to eat them because you were starving, and then he started eating all of it right in front of you, while laughing and running from you??

  2. Well, I can say that I would most likely do this to the person that just reaches into my plate and takes something. But for being overcharged seems to be a bit much. I bet the owner is now part of the “special” board for dinner.

  3. I doubt this guy will spend years in jail. From what I’ve seen over the years, China is big on the death penalty, and for far less than murder. Me thinks this may not have been the attackers last supper, but I bet it’s close to it. China also doesn’t drag shit out for months and years in court.

  4. Hahahaha ………..Hu,Hu,Hu,Hu,Hu,Hu,Hu,Hu,Hu,Hu,Hu,Hu,
    So for a day if Hu, was overcharged what about the other customers who were thronging the food joint .run by Yao
    Its a pity having made millions seeing your head reduced like a piece of garbage assigned to a trash can . It turns out he had alwyas liked being a bucket head
    Hu, thought that the shop owners’ head would look well rested in the bucket rather out on his counter

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