Woman Burning Alive Inside Vehicle

Woman Burning Alive Inside Vehicle

Woman was involved in a wreck which set her car ablaze. The video picks up with the woman trying to get out of the car, screaming for help as she is consumed in flames and burning alive. Nothing anyone can do considering the temperatures involved. Horrible way to die and I can’t imagine it smelled much better.

Thanks, @mrspink!

UPDATE: Aftermath

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17 thoughts on “Woman Burning Alive Inside Vehicle

    • Yea that’s kinda Bizzare…its like the inside of car was doused with gasoline.
      @ Fukitol…it may seem possible to run over and pull her out, but the way that fire is raging you can’t get within 5 feet before the extreme heat singes you or makes it painfully difficult to get any closer. I think she was already dead,or body’s nerves were moving from shock.

  1. OMG. That is so bad.. burning to death with your skin melting off. No escape and nobody can help. That is the worst way to die that I can think of. It would also be so difficult to watch. I believe in heaven and I sure hope she went.

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