Baby Found Alive in Plastic Bag

Baby Found Alive in Plastic Bag

Usually when we see a newborn baby in a plastic bag, it’s a bad sign. An unwanted child wrapped up and tossed onto the street or on the bed of a river. It’s fragile life just begun and already ended. But this time, the baby has been found before it could die from exposure. A large crowd has assembled and some sort of emergency rescue workers remove the baby, placenta, umbilical cord and all. Looks like this little one might have a fighting chance. A chance it’s mother didn’t want it to have. Perhaps they’ll meet again some day.

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14 thoughts on “Baby Found Alive in Plastic Bag

  1. In my best Mick Jagger… ahem…

    I was born in a big black plastic bag!
    I was fed from placenta beneath my back!
    But it’s alright now, in fact I have gas!
    And it’s alright. Look, I have been found! Have some gas, gas, gas! Ooh!

    I screamed at my ma for leavin’ me here!
    “Hey, ma! What the hell did you have to fear?”
    But it’s alright now, in fact I have gas!
    And it’s alright. Look, I have been found! What a gas, gas, gas!

    I was lost, in the trash heap and left for dead!
    And I howled from the sun heating up my head!
    Yeah, yeah, yeah! I was down, with just garbage for a bed!
    Yeah, yeah, yeah! I frowned ’cause I had more to be said!
    Yeah, yeah, yeah! But it’s alright now, in fact I have gas!
    And it’s alright, ’cause I have been found! Life’s a gas, gas, gas!

  2. It sucks being a single mom in the West. Raising a child alone in Thailand must be horrible. Mom could have found an orphanage. She likely panicked. I can judge her. I’m thankful I could never be in that situation. I hope the child gets adopted by an affluent couple in the US or Canada.

  3. Seriously, we have no clue who put this baby out like garbage. It very well could’ve been the mother, the father or even her own father. This mother could’ve had her baby taken from her before she even had a chance to see or hold it. So, how about instead of blaming the mother we just go with “the pos who did this?”

  4. I am pleasantry surprised that the baby is fine .
    Who for fuck sake hasn’t told the mother for all her misdeeds that there is KARMA that would soon be catching on her trail and there would be a bigger body bag all readied to wrap and trap her miserable forsaken life .
    I liked the way the baby moved showing signs of life ..

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