Retro Gore: Budd Dwyer Commits Suicide

Robert Budd Dwyer was a Republican member of the Pennsylvania State Senate from 1971 to 1981. Before his death he was convicted of accepting a bribe on December 22, 1986. Throughout his trial he maintained that he was innocent and that he was framed. On January 22, 1987, the day before he was to be sentenced, Budd called a press conference. During the press conference he stopped reading from his notes and handed out three envelopes. He then grabbed another envelope and pulled out a .357 caliber revolver and said to the people gathered in the room, “Please, please leave the room if this will…if this will affect you.” The crowd screamed, “Budd don’t!” over and over until he put the gun in his mouth with cameras rolling and shot himself in the head. In 2010, William T. Smith, the prosecution’s primary witness against Budd Dwyer admitted that he lied under oath about Dwyer accepting a bribe in hopes of receiving a lighter sentence for his own crimes.

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50 thoughts on “Retro Gore: Budd Dwyer Commits Suicide

    • And now that I’ve watched it, it is every bit as good as I recall. Now I will watch it 10 more times lol, “I was born in office, I will die in office” – Bud Dwyer. I don’t care for political studies or government BS, but this guy gave everyone watching in America at the time a nice, big, middle finger and a how do you do? With a ‘hats off’ (top of cranium) showing of how much he cared and was willing to die for something that he believed in. Strong fuckn shit right there…

      • I’m curious. Do your kids ever ask about death? And if so, what do you tell them? Like, are you straight up honest with them about your beliefs or do you try and sugar coat it?

        This can actually be a question for anyone else to answer as well. Feel free.

        • My oldest son asked me when he was 5 or 6, (he’s 8 now) when I was tucking him in for bed. My grandfather had just recently passed, and he asked me “will I die?” Shit made my heart sink, and I sincerely do not believe in lying to my son, though he believes in santa, against my will of course. It’s just gonna piss him off when he learns that he isn’t real. He can thank his mother for that one. Anyway, he asked, and I said yes son, one day you will die. After some more explanation and reasoning, he understood why I told him. My son believes in God and heaven, and he has a great outlook on life, I may not share the same beliefs, but I am proud of him none the less.

          • Resist the temptation to force your own beliefs on the kid. Give him the respect of allowing him to learn from you, from his mother and from any other source he seeks out. I’ve explained my own beliefs in God, Jesus, Heaven and salvation to my kids. Now they’re grown and have families of their own. My daughter has Stage-4 cancer now, and we had a good conversation last week. Her faith is much like mine and her brother’s. So I’m comfortable with her situation – as comfortable as I can be considering. We are all just passing through. None of us are getting out of here alive.

          • Yes You’re right. All you can do is give your kids a good moral ground to stand on. Never force your own beliefs down their throats, it only builds resentment.

        • @obli i may not be a parent but pops was in the military and was killing people by about 20years of age (and people say the usaf are pussys lol) but anyways i remember learning about death at a very young age because i would go hunting with my dad, and fishing. Death was never explained to me, it was just a natural part of life thats always been there for me. Glad i learned the way i did. Just thought i would share a different perspective on your thought, it made me think!

          • I was raised by my grandparents cuz my mom died when I was three. I learned about it fairly early! I went to a lot of funerals growing up cuz of their friends dying or members of my own so I always knew about death. I was raised Roman Catholic and believed in god for a while but as I grew I abandoned these things. I never really had a death talk with my grandparents it was always just understood that it was part of life.

  1. Yep, a classic! And sad to think how far we’ve come in a few short decades. This man took his own life in defense of his honor. Today’s politicians (on both sides) do far, far worse than accept bribes, do it openly, brag about it, laugh it off with their friends in the media, and then go out and have a nice decadent dinner and a few drinks to celebrate pulling one over on the little people.

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