Man Has Object Removed From Throat

Man Has Object Removed From Throat

So this Monday we have another person ingesting weird shit. I don’t want to spoil it but how he managed to swallow that I have no idea. That had to be so fucking uncomfortable. I wonder if he’s a regular visitor like those patients who just happened to ‘slip and fall on a giant horse dildo’.

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18 thoughts on “Man Has Object Removed From Throat

    • How the fuck do you accidentally swallow a wrench….?????? I don’t think this was an accident… I would personally have chosen to swallow a nice bright shiny wrench !! This had to be a show of bravado No Doubt… I’ll bet that if they dig a Little Deeper they will pull out a few sockets… and a couple of bolts to boot

  1. Its not hard to believe what pangs of hunger can do to someone who hasn’t eaten for days . My guesstimate is that the guy just went for the nearest thing in his vicinity to satiate those pangs
    If his belly is pried open the surgeons may find all of the tools his dad kept hiding from him all in vain.
    He tried his best at gut wrenching …………some freakster a metal muncher there

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