Tumors Reshape a Man’s Body

Body Horror

No, you’re not looking at the latest Resident Evil monster, this is shockingly real. A man is so consumed with tumors that they have literally reshaped his body into something that seriously looks like an enemy from the popular video game franchise. Imagine having to live in this state. I wonder if he is in constant pain and discomfort and since it looks like a third world setting. I doubt he is getting the proper treatment that he needs. If he were in the West, this probably could have been prevented or at least been stopped before reaching such a state. Although I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t say I want to see it cut open to have a gory look at it.

Thanks, @mrspink!

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18 thoughts on “Tumors Reshape a Man’s Body

  1. Think it’s time to definitely make an appointment to see dermatologist?…least he can claim to have biggest Trapezius muscle.

    On sidenote another Hollywooder died today…Bill Paxton…Game over man!..game over! Tho he was great in “Weird Science” and “Frailty” two of might favs.
    Wondering if Rigoremortis would be interested in starting a death pool. Perhaps everyone participating kick in $5-$10 bucks, pick 20 celebs’ and wait and watch…perhaps with odds on with old/one foot in grave celebs who will eventually go soon as opposed to younger ones. Just a thought Hell I’d even do $20 entry, get 30 or so members it would be a nice lil pot….with 12% going to the site for maintenance etc.

    • Yeah – Paxton could be described as a “nearly” man – never a huge leading star, but i must say, I liked every performance of his in the (very many) films he was in.

      My friend and i have been playing dead pool for a few years now (we guess for each year). Our success has been almost non existent – Its harder than you would think.
      but id be ready to participate in a pool started on RGM

      “…Im READY man!….ready,to..GET…IT…ON!!..”

    • …after looking further at the picture, i think that the guy behind him (who seems to be wearing uniform of police or some other organisation) could in fact be relation of the guy or at least close friend.
      i hope so, I hope this guy has a friend or confidant in this world

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