Cars and Bodies Mangled in Wreck

Cars and Bodies Mangled in Wreck

Some car-nage happened when two vehicles collided. One car had the top taken off of it and smashed the heads of the two people inside. We are then taken down the road a ways and see a dead woman leaking from her head while two more dead bodies rest in the wreckage. Looks like some pretty good speeds were involved here.

Thanks, Pinky!

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7 thoughts on “Cars and Bodies Mangled in Wreck

    • Most countries don’t have near the same crash standards as the US and Canada. In fact, even Europe lags behind quite a bit. I watch a ton of dash cam videos and cars in other countries make you wonder if they were made of Leggos and aluminum foil.

    • @blucon Well that was just a horrible scene that I hope never to come upon anything close! How awful to put your life in the hands of someone that can’t judge the distance to pass on a shitty highway. Looks like the car with ejected shorts girl was the culprit. In CA north of L.A., there is hwy 126 that runs from the valley to the beach. So many people got totaled over the years they widened it to 2 lanes both ways and a passing lane in the middle. Those jungle dwellers should be so lucky . . .

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