Man’s Face Shredded in Accident with Machinery

Man's Face Shredded in Accident with Machinery

Video here of a man who suffered severe facial trauma after getting into an accident involving agricultural equipment. Face opened up, tongue and teeth mangled. He’s still alive at this point having a breathing tube inserted and you can hear the heart monitor going in the background. The doctor digs in his face and pulls on the tongue, it’s pretty cool. I wonder if they can put his face back together?

Props to the Pink!

And an additional video of a man with his face ripped to shreds. I don’t have the info on this one and it’s too short to give it its own post, so I’ve included it here. Enjoy!

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14 thoughts on “Man’s Face Shredded in Accident with Machinery

  1. This wasnt an accident, according to the first video of the doctor talking, he had mouth cancer and that was already AFTER the first surgery, they had to remove a large portion of his maxilar. That cancer was the result of the virus HPV, wich is sexually transmissible… the doctors removed skin from his chest to add to his face. 🙂

    Im guessing the actual accident video is the second one?

  2. The second guy needs some suction before he chokes to death on his blood! It looks mostly like he’s just got a broken jaw right in the front, though. Cats get that pretty commonly and they just wire it up while it heals. I could be totally wrong though.

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