Woman Grieving Over Bloodied Corpse

Woman Grieving Over Bloodied Corpse

It’s not too often that we see those affected by the constant murder we see from Brazil, the murder capital of the world. Here we see a woman grieving over the body of a loved one after he had been brutally murdered. His face bloodied and brain matter on the sidewalk from gunshots. It’s not known who the man was or what he did to warrant this kind of violence but he was clearly loved by at least one person who believes his death was senseless. Also looks like he pissed himself.

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19 thoughts on “Woman Grieving Over Bloodied Corpse

  1. He is in a bloodied mess but its unclear as to why the woman got prompted in going for his waist belt
    Was it to take a last look at his Eden or all of a sudden something came over her
    Its more like the two were deeply in love and someone wasn’t happy about it .
    Brazil sucks like no other country in the entire world

      • Yeah Brazil sickens our hearts to no end .There isn’t a single day when it doesn’t stop to eye Humanity murderously .
        Poor Girl and the dude must have been out on a date or the two were just a pair of brother and sister cozying out and then the terror caught them unaware .
        Brazil a hell hole like you must turn to Ground Zero that’s all I wish for ya cause you ain’t gonna reform till the end of time..
        With so much to lose I think l a plague like Brazil mustn’t be on the world map after all.

  2. Yeah, videos like these make me think about most of the poor bastards we see who die, suddenly and violently, surrounded by people who hate them. In many cases there must be people who loved and will miss them. Then again, it’s safe to assume if that’s the way you went out you were being careless while living by the sword as they say. World keeps turnin’.

    • in 1998 I found a girlfriend who had died, i came home from work and she had fallen headfirst into an open fire (those of you who know me from 5-6years back on the “other” site will know the full story)
      i can say, that finding someone in a badly mutilated state has a very traumatic effect… for a long time when you remember them – unfortunately – it is in the state that you found them.
      for me, i felt years of guilty due to the fact that when it happened i had fallen out of love with the girl, and was in fact planning to finish the relationship. It was this, as much as the death itself, that i found it hard to come to terms with (even though, to be honest, i believe she felt the same)
      I often wonder (still) if it would have been easier to handle if had still been madly in love with her, rather than not loving her anymore and know that i was planning to end it.
      We all know that when love ends..it ends – and that is not really anyones fault. But i felt huge guilt, and sorrow for her, that i didnt love her anymore when she died

        • Its a tough question.
          you see, for most of our relationship we were using together,co-dependant, so although there WAS love, to be honest there wasnt that many good times. a lot of lies and betrayal – on both sides.
          We had both been through detox 2-3 months before she died… i stayed clean but she had started using again while i was at work.
          That 30mins while i waited for the police and ambulance, alone with her body in that burned and mutilated state are probably the worst 30mins of my life… i cannot begin to tell you. But it was HER that had died, so how dare i say I felt bad – you know?
          But yes – now when i think of her, it is not in that situation.
          There is one day in particular we spent at a local beauty spot, eating strawberries,blueberries and cream. I like to remember that , It was very simple pleasure, and we were happy that day

          • @Nursewretched
            it was almost 20 years ago now, and then as much as now I found and find it very hard to accept sympathy for the reasons i mentioned above. But still, your sentiment is appreciated – thank you.
            Our relationship had run its course, but still (although she was a very troubled woman) i cannot say that she was in any way a bad person.
            I just wish she could have overcome her demons, and have found some happiness

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