How About We Have Some WTF?!

How About We Have Some WTF?!

Well guys, I had a shitty ass day at work and I know some of you must have too. So lets say fuck the day and sit back and laugh with a little WTF video. And if you drink, have a beer or three for your old pal Obli.

And thanks Pinky!


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22 thoughts on “How About We Have Some WTF?!

  1. What the fuck ?
    Am I loading in here a crate of beer bottles or “Bear” Grylls
    See I gotta a head full of dandruff and I don’t think I did anything wrong
    Am I scratchy or something ????????

    Dear Sir !@obli remember ……… nobody escapes a shitty day once every while so just cool it
    BTW carrying your shitty arse days back home just doesn’t seem right as yet
    since we; the bunch of gorriors got cartons of beer bottles or may be the cans to empty out before we take on another fucking hectic day ahead but nothing is gonna mar our gutso or happiness
    To fuck with shit days any fucking day my dear man !
    Days seem so right and the nights are awesome

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