Inmate Eats Live Mouse

I watched this once and I am still cringing, ugggh. So fucking gross. The video shows a man picking up and eating an entire live mouse. It looks like he’s in prison and by the sounds of the black guys in the background.. it sounds like it’s a US prison. I’d say maybe this was a one time temporary insanity moment but that ridiculous tattoo on his face shows he probably doesn’t have the best judgement. I have no idea what possessed this guy to eat a live mouse, but what would be a good reason for doin’ this stupid shit anyway. Maybe he was forced to but it doesn’t sound like it. Maybe he did it for drugs or to scare the other inmates into not asking him to suck their dicks later that night, who knows. Either way, gross.

Thanks to @MrsPink!

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18 thoughts on “Inmate Eats Live Mouse

  1. He isn’t under any duress by the looks of it as no one is trying to kick his daylights off .
    I am imagining extreme hunger pangs could be one thing or he might have just thought of ruling the roost by scaring the others around that he means business and no one must try meddling around with him lest they are gonna meet the same fate like the mouse .

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