Infected Flesh – The Squirming Nature of Myiasis

Infected Flesh - The Squirming Nature of Myiasis

Good morning, Gorriors. RGM proudly presents a squirming, crawling oozing start to your day! The subject is myiasis. An infected wound which becomes host to maggots which feed on and thrive inside the infected tissue. Two videos here of this sick condition. Doesn’t it just make you itch? I know I’ve been scratching my legs the entire time I’ve been working on this post – Yeesh!

First video is a pretty huge hole where we see the maggots inside doing their work. In actuality, them living inside the wound isn’t all bad as they eat away a lot of the dead and infected tissue. Studying this is what gave rise to “maggot therapy”.

Thank you to @mrspink!

And the second video is a slightly smaller hole in the patient but looks very fucking painful and you can even see the man’s shin bone exposed. The blue flesh around it is pretty gnarly, too.

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9 thoughts on “Infected Flesh – The Squirming Nature of Myiasis

  1. Some folks just can’t wait to be food for worms. There really is plenty of time for that later. Debriding those wounds will introduce the folks to a new order of pain and perhaps even more aversion to the concept of clean. Scrub-a-dub, dub!

    “We’re gonna wash you!” – Richard Pryor’s nurse in ICU post fire

    • So that you can show off your green, putrified flesh to your friends…Why else? If you are a person with bad hygiene, you can always pass off your bad body odor on your disgusting smelling wound and the flies will favor the wound over your crotch… If you are a “natural person”.

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