Motorcycle Riders Mangled and Maimed in Quezon City

Motorcycle Riders Mangled and Maimed in Quezon City

To be honest with you guys this was crazy near where I live. If I stepped outside around that time I think I could have seen it happen. Pictures are definitely not mine. This was shared to me via Facebook. This happened Thursday night. I was told by a friend this happened at around the midnight of Thursday, technically Friday morning. The riders were both hit by a Hummer (which people call ‘the car for those who aren’t hung.’ Is that why I don’t see black guys riding a Hummer?) and the whole thing was a hit-and-run incident. The badly mangled guy, believe it or not, was found still alive and was sent to a nearby hospital. Might have been East Avenue Medical Center. Lucky for him it was just 2 minutes away from where he is at but unfortunately, the both of them didn’t survive and the guy lying on the pavement face-down was already found dead.

Yesterday, the Hummer driver confessed about the crime and he was then taken into custody.

The thing is with that road, which is a major road (which I wouldn’t state exactly what for obvious reasons) is that after maybe 11 PM, trucks and SUVs go nuts and drive on full speed because they are wide and don’t get a huge volume at those hours. Not to mention, cars and bikes drag race after midnight and you can hear them going around. I suppose that the Hummer was going at it full speed.

I fucking missed the bejesus out of you Gorriors but I have too much work lately. I was gonna remark about the Valentine’s sometime on the 14th but work is really keeping me off a lot of stuff lately. So, how was Valentine’s Day for all of you? Do you guys even celebrate it? I had a bad case of indigestion that day because I ate six slices of pizza in an hour. I barely even chewed the damn things while I was watching Denzel Washington. I guess you can say my Valentine’s was ‘shitty.’ My fiance scolded me and told me to eat healthy. Fuck that. Thug life.

Here’s a CCTV footage for you guys although it is shitty as fuck. Shows the impact but not what happened.

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20 thoughts on “Motorcycle Riders Mangled and Maimed in Quezon City

      • Yeah it is Kay my ninja…but on some level I understand,its are natural instinct nowadays to get the fuck out the second we see/run into trouble,or owning up to bad mistakes, and having to deal with headaches that follow. Tho when backing up he had to see they were instantly dead,and known well there’s only gonna be one side to this story so be a good civilian and stick around.

        …on sidenote sorry your V-day wasn’t storybook,but if he really roves you he should buy you a big black dildo…that you can name Denzel,or Shaq and use in front of him and when he’s sleeping,or in the bathroom,or at work.?

  1. “I barely even chewed the damn things while I was watching Denzel Washington.”

    It was reported on February 15th that a “very shaken” Mr. Washington filed for an Order Of Protection at his local courthouse. When pressed for comment, the versatile actor would only mumble repeatedly, “She won’t stop watching me…why won’t she just stop watching me…”
    In a possible related story, rapper/actor/and all around great lover, Ice Cube, tweeted at Mr. Washington “I fuckin’ feel ya homie :'( #thatgirlispooooison”

  2. Well couldn’t you have just stepped outside if it did happen near where you lived and possibly take a few snaps? Could you not hear the sounds of clanking heavy metal violently colliding with another? Also if you hadn’t told us that that’s where you live, then maybe it could be a possibility that we can know what major highway this happened from without having to spy on you like some creep.

    • It’s either I am asleep or had my headphones on and yes, it was probably a loud ass accident. Shame I didn’t get to hear it happen.

      Why would it matter to you if you know the area or not? It’s not like you’ve been here or intend to go here lol

  3. Well Well Guys and gals that was for you all to know ; when a Hummer gets out on the road this is how it humdrums monstrously

    Alright its time to laugh your butts off
    So this Hummer owner walks into a bar. The bartender gazes out the door, pulls a shotgun out from underneath the bar, and says “Get the f— outta here! We don’t serve homosexuals in this establishment!” The Hummer owner shakes his head, and says “You don’t understand – I’m not gay.” The bartender asks him, “If you ain’t gay, then why’s your CAR (hehehe) advertising that it and you blow?”

    One day, while a Hummer owner was out driving his car, he ran into a truck.
    The truck’s driver made Hummerboy pull over into a parking lot and get out of the overglorified wannabe 4×4.
    He took a piece of chalk and drew a circle on the pavement. He told the Hummerboy to stand in the middle and not leave the circle.
    Furious, he went over to the Hummer and slashed the tires.
    The Hummer owner started laughing.
    This made the man angrier so he smashed Hummerboy’s windshield.
    This time the Hummer owner laughed even harder.
    Livid, the man broke all the Hummer’s windows and keyed Hummerboy’s car.
    The Hummer owner is now laughing hysterically, so the truck driver asks hey Hummerboy what’s so funny.
    The Hummer owner giggles and replies, “When you weren’t looking, I stepped out of the circle three times!”

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