Tag That Image! #7

Tag That Image! #7

Happy Friday/Early Saturday my My gore-obsessed Gorriors, my purveyors of perversion, my connoisseurs of carnage. Guess what? It’s time to Tag That Motherfucking Image!!!

Check out last weeks winner !ereH


“Yea baby she’s ready for the “mummy” shot ….all over her face.” – @nocuntryforoldpervertedman


“I’m drop dead gorgeous!!” – @re-pete

“Get some lube babe, I’m feeling a little dry”. – @borntorun

“World’s oldest mother can only breast feed powdered milk” – @blason

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45 thoughts on “Tag That Image! #7

  1. Norman’s mom is looking good after leaving the hotel buisness behind

    Go home grandma, your dead.

    “Get my good side!”

    She must have just finished waching 2001 a space odyssy from begining to end.

    Atleast that leather couch will be easy to clean!!!

    But in all seriousness yall….. somebody was fucking that thing.

  2. He fucked this old gal in the graveyard, poor old soul was dead.
    Maggots crawled out of her asshole and the hair slipped off her head.
    After he got done, he seen he’d committed a sin.
    Out of his pocket he took a straw and sucked out what he shot in.
    I asked why he done it and he said after he thought awhile.
    “It was the tan lines on those saggy tits and her wonderful smile”

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