Vietnamese Girl’s Face Eaten Away by Disease

Vietnamese Girl's Face Eaten Away by Disease

“I need a fuck… I need a fuck…” Video from Vietnam shows a young girl whose face is being eaten away by some sort of disease. Maybe a necrotizing fasciitis of some sort. The people around her are chanting prayers that of course sound funny to us Westerners but they believe that what they are doing is helping this poor young soul. I don’t know if this girl can survive as this type of disease will most likely continue to grow unabated. It’s already devoured her lips and mouth and nose, her teeth have fallen out and she can no longer open her eyes. Sad to happen in one so young.

Thanks, @mrspink!

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25 thoughts on “Vietnamese Girl’s Face Eaten Away by Disease

  1. I’ve seen several videos with that same chanting, and every single time it sounds like the SAME old lady!!! Everywhere she goes she needs a fuck ???

  2. This post seem to reverberate her pain even though she is oceans away.
    I cannot imagine the pain she has to endure and live with the horrid reality .
    If there is a miracle somewhere waiting to happen this little girl needs one more than anybody else right now .

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