Thief Stripped and Beaten by Angry Mob

Thief Stripped and Beaten by Angry Mob

An alleged thief was caught by an angry mob in Brazil and subjected to a brutal beat down. The man has his pants removed, is dragged around in the dirt and pelted with rocks, whipped and one guy even runs into him with his shitty little scooter. I sure hope the man was guilty cuz damn. The video is six minutes long and demonstrates that the victims aren’t any better than the criminals they capture.

Thanks, @mrspink!

UPDATE: This took place in Myanmar, not Brazil. Dont know why my mind would just automatically jump to Brazil like that… ?

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20 thoughts on “Thief Stripped and Beaten by Angry Mob

  1. I agree – I hope for all that that he really was guilty of a serious crime. Even a petty theft, so long as they caught him with the stolen property.

    We kept seeing rocks to the head and kicking. I kept expecting to see someone kick or smack him hard in the balls – but it never happened.

  2. Hypothetically, what if this guy was actually innocen’t (it’s a stretch of course) but what do you all think could be said or done to be spared? I get the mob mentality and the dynamics of anger fueled brutality. But, do you believe there is anything at all a person could do or say?

  3. Surprisingly each of the blood hound amidst the crowd was seen taking turns in foot stomping the badass and it was even more coincidental that a huge T shaped cement block from nowhere was picked up ……. the one the thief was bludgeoned with highlighting that the footage is about a brutal beat down of a THIEF
    I wonder if it was for a blue undie he robbed and wore . He sure was a Tough Bastard who often times had the nerves did try gathering his wits looking for ways to escape but I think he got kaput in the end .

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