Robber Shot on Bus, Slides Around in His Own Blood

Robber Shot on Bus, Slides Around in His Own Blood

An unidentified man came onto a bus in Brazil and attempted to rob it. I don’t know if the thief was brandishing a firearm but someone else on the bus sure was and they opened fire on him, stopping the robbery. The video picks up after the shooting and shows the thief laying in a pool of blood and in great pain, flopping around on the floor, his blood on the seats. He slides on his own blood and out of the bus, still on his back. Not sure if the man survived but if he does, he should be made to clean up the fucking mess he made.

Thanks, @mrspink!

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17 thoughts on “Robber Shot on Bus, Slides Around in His Own Blood

    • Ha! Could it be the hormones and endorphins released in death like a dam break sending signals brain to dick to fire the all the guns at once and explode into space. I would think the fear of dying would cause some shrinkage, but this guy’s a stud. He was flopping around like a fished up mackerel, yeah, put him to work performing community service cleaning buses.

    • The topic of post mortem erections was covered a bit on BG back in the day. It’s not so much how a guy dies, but the position he dies in. Blood will pool internally after death. Guy dies on back, no erection as the penis is higher than the rest of body. Dies on his stomach, erection. Same with hanging. Blood pools and it fills the legs, then the groin, causing the erection. As a side note, mother nature considered the ability to get an erection so important, it made it the default state in the nervous system. A guy’s nervous system constantly sends signals to the muscles that constrict which prevent blood from filling the penile chambers and keeping it flaccid. When those signals are interrupted, by a good looking gal, outside stimulus, or whatever, the muscles relax and Mr. Happy rises on up. In fact, one sure fire symptom of spinal trauma in men is priapism. So ladies, just letting you know, we don’t think about sex all the time. Just the opposite. Our brain has to NOT think about sex all the time to keep us from suffering from priapism. We are however easily distracted…;)

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