Tumor Removed From Eye

Tumor Removed From Eye

Happy Monday you sick bastards!! Today’s focus is on cancer. Cancer sucks, plain and simple, and I think we all know someone who has gone through it. So in this video the doctor is removing a tumor from the patient’s eye. This particular type of cancer is melanoma, one that I’ve personally come across many times from the eyeball in my line of work. Melanoma is an absolute bitch and with the eye there are many ways of treating it as well as different surgeries depending on how big the tumor is. The doctor explains in detail how he goes about performing a iridocyclectomy which is the removal of part of the iris and ciliary body. I don’t know about you guys but I REALLY wanted to pop that bubble at the end.

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6 thoughts on “Tumor Removed From Eye

  1. Ughhh….I can’t do?’s ???
    This left me feeling weak, but I gotta give it to this surgeon! He did an awesome job! I just couldn’t stick a scalpel or a needle in someone’s eye. I’d probably pass the fuck out…..unless he was trying to hurt me, then I’d jab that motherfucking scalpel so fucking deep in his eye it’ll disappear like one of those dildo removal videos ???
    Thank you for that disgusting but very informative video @littlefoot ??
    Happy Valentine’s Day baby!

  2. Goddamn! So that’s why they call it the nye indestructible eye. That’s one tough ass ball right there. Very interesting vid @littlefoot. Fuckn cancer, any of you guys watch South Park? There’s an episode where Russell Crow has a show called fighting round the world. In it he says that he’s gonna help fight cancer, and I quote “I couldn’t find cancer, but I found a guy with cancer!” He then proceeded to beat the shit outa him screaming “take that cancer!” Lol

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