18-Year-Old Man Commits Suicide On Facebook Live

18 Year Old Man Commits Suicide On Facebook Live

I guess committing suicide and live streaming it is becoming the new trend now because here’s another one. On February 9th, 2017, 18-year-old Oguzhan Kaloglu from Yalova, Turkey, signed in to Facebook Live, put on some weird ass goatfucker rap and shot himself in the chest while he live streamed it. Oguzhan is said to have killed himself because Neslihan Yilmaz, his girlfriend of a year had broken up with him. Immediately after he pulled the trigger his parents run in screaming. His mother crying and his father screaming, “What have you done, son??”. He was rushed to the hospital but pronounced dead soon after. If you want to avoid the shitty music then skip straight to around the 8:30 mark.

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  1. Due to my mental illnesses and massive depression, anxiety, PTSD, border line psychotic and many other shit I am labeled as, and after several suicide attempts. If I ever get my hands on a gun and finally break again and for the last time. I’m going to film it and put in the suicide note to my wife to send it to RGM. Give you guys a good video to watch… I’ll probably go out listening to 213 or beauty through order or one of the many great songs by my hero The late great Jeff Hanneman…(AKA SLAYER)

      • Believe me, I’ve been trying my best not to. Hell, I OD’d on my meds in December and almost died. Stupid wife called 911 and after I woke up in ICU. 2 days later I was shipped to the worst ran mental hospital I’ve ever been in. I say ran because it was run like a fuckn retard was in charge. Missed my new son’s first x-mas… I hate being confined against my will. Lol, what has two thumbs and was in a straight jacket at age 8? This guy…for fuckn real.

          • I have been in that situation as I have PTSD, major depression, abandonment disorder, and anxiety. So @deathoverdue stay strong and maybe a change of name on here may help, maybe something more positive so that when you think about RGM and want to log in, you start off on a positive note – your name. Just me thinking out loud ?

        • mental hospitals and psyche wards are the pits, man. And you got your boy, if you can’t live for yourself, then live for him. he needs you whether you think so or not.

          and remember what i said the other day? come on here and vent, brother. Get out anything you’re feeling. you are more than welcome and will be supported.

    • @deathoverdue
      I can’t even begin to try to understand what you’re going through so I won’t make an attempt but just know you have a lot of people who care about you, especially here. And as others have said your family needs you, there’s still many things to see and experience. I really hope things get better for you 🙂

    • Let me get the obligatory “please don’t kill yourself, you have a lot to live for. Think of your children.”

      Now that that’s out of the way. That would be cool to let us see your death. I mean, if you’re going to do it anyway, why not let us Gorriors have a peek.

    • Thanks a lot for the encouragement you guys. To my friends on here, thank you for caring. Like I said, I am trying very hard to find strength to keep on going. I’m am honestly only still alive because of my two sons. I know I have to be here for them and it would scar them for life if I took mine. I love you guys, you are my second family. I’m 35 and my therapist who met me at age 8 then again when I started to get help 2 years ago even said by all accounts I should be long dead. She is a great help to me and I love her. ( she’s 60 and still hot as hell with some tig ol bitties lol) but I’m rambling again, sorry. I’m not sure when I’ll fall off again, and maby the next time I will actually succeed in my attempts. Who knows. But on a high note, you know who you are guys, and you make me laugh and brighten my day everyday I am on here. Don’t worry about me. And I told my wife she’d better sign in to my account and let you know if’n I off myself. I’ll try to make a good video of it if I’m in my right mind, she promised she would send it to you. ( she was very upset about me making her give me her word) I hope that day never comes, but I can’t change nor control fate. But I will continue to comment on this site every day since I pretty much live on it. Well, this one and Gameinformer and my bank account. ( very sad to look at the last one most of the time since I’ve been on medical leave) fuck. I’m gonna shut up now and cheer up and see what’s new on here, agian, to my friends, thank you for the laughs and the chance to get to know you respectfully and personally. You guys are awesome.

    • @deathoverdue

      These posts always hit home for me as do folks dealing with suicidal despair. My wife and I have endured three suicides in our immediate family, between 1994 and 2012. Their ages were 13, 54, and 58. The methods of the three suicides in order were suffocation with a plastic bag, a gunshot to the head, and a massive morphine overdose with an amount that was “off the charts”. The middle one was a double murder suicide over a property fence. While verifying the third suicide, the house was in another city and in such disarray, the only place I could sleep was the couch where the corpse was found. I cannot readily explain the trauma and scarring to our very souls and cores of our beings that will always remain, but I will try for you today. The sudden and shocking deaths felt like Jesus’ three falls on the way to Golgotha, each one harder than the next, always knowing that for as long as I live, I will remember, grieve, feel, regret and question along with a consistently present Yin-Yang of love and hate for the deceased family members. To continue to go on still remains trauma-filled and the emotional baggage weighs as a mountain on my shoulders that frequently buckles my knees and soaks my eyes. It isn’t easy in the least, “but still, like air, I rise.” – From Maya Angelou’s Still I Rise

      You only have this one life. Please treat it that way. Such prioritization and realization will remove those self destructive thoughts from your mind and that is the key to going on with the rest of us. Some days are better than others to be sure, but the grief still exists and so does the guilt and the forever-elusive answer to the question, “Why?” If you should find yourself in such maddening and self-destructive despair again, the Gorriors will be here for you, just like now. Flood your mind and immerse your thoughts with other things far removed from ending it all. It works for me. Your sons are counting on you to make them into men, whether they realize it now or not. They will not be the men they can be without you. Rather, they will struggle mightily to exist with the same trauma, hurt, devastation, grief, regret and guilt. Now get your ass back in this odd and wondrous game and fight for your only life like the rest of us! You’ll be glad you did.

      Warm regards,


      P.S. This also helps me as a mantra of sorts.

      The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
      But I have promises to keep,
      And miles to go before I sleep,
      And miles to go before I sleep. – From Robert Frost’s Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

      • @harumph that’s sad to endure brother, I have lost the most important person in my life who made me the man I am today. You are one of my few favorite friends on here, I love your posts. To you and @obli, @littlefoot, @queeg0909, @uniballer, @yournextexgirl, @gezza, @gentlenatureman, @re-pete, @derkopfsammler, @nocuntryforoldpervertedman, @trainwreck, and I may have forgotten a few. You guys are very close to my heart, (no homo lol) I sincerely care for you guys. Thank you. Can’t think of anything funny to say right now, full moon always effects us crazy people. If the moon can control the oceans tide, and we are 90 percent water ourselves ( not sure if the percentage is right, check the net) it most certainly can control our moods, IMO that’s where the myth of lycanthropy came from. No doctors back then with the knowledge of what they know today. I say this because most of my therapist’s patients are at their worst during the phase. (She tells me things that she shouldn’t because we are so close) rambling again sorry guys. My point is that which I already stated in the comment above my buddy @harumph‘s. I love you guys even though I don’t know you personally, and even if you care not for it, too bad. You’re all in my awesome list. With me this is a rare thing. I don’t keep people close. I hate letting people down. Shit, bla bla bla. Shut up Tyler.

  2. This guy could have taken the less selfish rout by being a suicide bomber and blow himself up in the vicinity of corrupt world leaders like Ottoman Turk Erdogan, Trudeau, and the Saudi Monarchy and be a true hero but most Millennials these days thinking only about themselves….?.

  3. I was wondering when he was going to finally do it.. The music made me want to run into his bed room and do it for him. Why would he shoot himself in the chest? Never seen that before.

    Seriously it is sad because he was so young. Nobody is worth his life.

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