Intestinal Worms Removed From Large Intestine of Patient

Intestinal Worms Removed From Large Intestine of Patient

Happy Saturday/early Sunday, my faithful Gorriors. Lets start the day off with parasites. No, not your lawyer or local politician, I mean intestinal worms! Man is having surgery where part of his large intestine is removed and cut open. At first I thought they were suturing a stab wound or something but then the doc starts digging inside and pulls out a mass of yellow creepy crawlers! Not only that, but after the infected intestine is cleared out pours a bunch of blood and other gunk I’m assuming to be pus.

Mmmm… nothing like home made spaghetti! Thanks Pinky!

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16 thoughts on “Intestinal Worms Removed From Large Intestine of Patient

    • Monsters Inside Me was a show I watched all the time. One of my greatest fears is cancer. Just knowing that at any moment part of my body can start growing out of control and give me a painful fucked up death in a matter of months fucks with me if I dwell on it too long. Everything being completely normal and then suddenly it’s just hospitals and pain. It’s why I quit smoking. that fear outweighed any kind of addiction to nicotine.

      • I chain smoke from nervousness. I quit smoking for a year after 15 years of it. Wish I never started back. Congrats on your willpower to fight the demon. I’m a recovering alcoholic so I figured taking on one vice at a time. The strange thing about cancer is that it is either in your genes or its not. It’s pretty much passed down at random from the generations. People who smoke cigarettes at 70 years old and have most their lives and never get cancer, and then there’s people who have never smoked and just get it. Even children. It just kinda wakes up from its dormant state and takes you out slow. I think you are either born with it or you are not. It’s a fucked up roll of the dice.

  1. Absolutely gross!…too me it’s nastier than someone with leg completely ripped off. Fuckin parasites and blood suckers like ticks,etc. totally creeps me out,so much so just seeing this makes my OCD want me to take the prescription medicine that kills worms in humans just in case I might have them…its my worst fear,that I might have worms or a giant 6 foot worm living in my intestines…after all when you read up on how you get worms it’s extremely easy and common. Can’t tell how many times Iv prolly eaten undercooked pork/meats,or touched a dingy dog or cat. You can easily get them from licking your lovers ass crack.

      • Lol….I’m serious, the eggs can live up to 2 weeks! They can be on a door knob,kitchen counter,clothes,etc. even after you’ve washed your hands and think I’m good and you touch one of said things and proceed to touch food and ingest. The prescribed meds for killing these parasites should be administered to everyone like the yearly flu shot or HPV vaccine.
        …and yes if your partner unknowingly has em,and you go munching downstairs,yer gonna get a mouthful of microscopic eggs.?

  2. Looks more like a cooking show.

    My grandma told me when kids had worms back in her day they would starve the kid all day.. then at night they would hold a plate of food up to the kid’s ass hole and when the worms started to come out they would twil them on a stick and pull them out of the kids butt.

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