Agonal Breathing in Man Who Suffered Neck Injury

Agonal Breathing in Man Who Suffered Neck Injury

A man was shot in the neck and video picks up aftermath when he is lying on his side with a good amount of blood pouring out of the hole in his neck. He is heard agonal breathing, which means there’s no hope for him, he’s taking his last struggled breath. It’s more an automatic response of the reptilian brain, trying to stay alive. I doubt the man is even aware of his condition and fate at this point. These are always interesting because it shows us that while a lot of deaths we see appear to be instantaneous, death is actually a process. Consciousness and the “self” are only the first thing to go. The body continues to die for some time. Interesting stuff.

It has me thinking, what kind of beliefs do you Gorriors have? Are we just a process that lives and then ceases to be or do you think there is something to our existence and that something continues beyond the physical death of this body?

Thanks, @mrspink.

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15 thoughts on “Agonal Breathing in Man Who Suffered Neck Injury

  1. That’s a good read @obli, I’ve heard that the brain continues to ‘spark’ with the energy that drives our bodies for up to three days after death. Not sure if this is correct, but I do believe that in our final moments we ‘are’ still in our bodies, I’ve witnessed it first hand. We may not be able to react, but we are harbored within till the last breath. What scary to me is what if postmortem we’re still there, until the electrodes finally run out of juice. Just think of being on the slab and feeling everything the mortician is doing to you. Pain receptors still sending signals to the brain, until it is severed from the spinal cord. As for the ever after, no one knows jack shit. Sure we all have our beliefs, I’m not judging any faith, they are all the same. Be it a higher power or powers or god or gods, or none of the above. It is just that, an individual’s personal view. I was raised Baptist, but I am no Christian. I do believe in the one who put us here, what or whoever put the first strain of DNA on this earth. But that is just one man’s belief among many. Are we reincarnated? Do our souls simply revolve in a circle of life until the end of days? To be judged by an almighty entity? Only the dead know, and to me that is the most beautiful thing in life, the unanswerable question of what we really are.

    • I was raised Roman Catholic but don’t believe in god or organized religion anymore. An atheist who has studied a lot of Buddhism and Hinduism and found more sense and meaning in those types of teachings. More of a philosophy that uses science as well as the idea that there is more to us than meets the eye. As I said, I don’t believe in god but I do believe in energy and I believe that goes on in some capacity, whether it goes on to power a new human being and become it’s consciousness or an animal or whatever, I have no way of knowing, but I left my body briefly once in my life and it affected a lot of how I look at things.

      On the reincarnation angle, there has been evidence to suggest it is a real occurance. Children who just “know” things they shouldn’t or couldn’t. Taking about people and places they have never been to. Babies born with birth marks that are in the same place and same shape as someone who was shot to death. Lots of interesting shit out there that we just don’t have the capacity to understand just yet. I believe that the next evolution of man involves not the body, but the mind and our consciousness…or maybe I just played too much Bloodborne! haha

      • I know I have way too much time spent in bloodborne lol, whooping ass in Nioh now. Finally got the flow of it.

        And I am right there with you on your way of perceiving life. I know about the people knowing things and even speaking languages that are not their native tongue. I’m some what of an empath, keeps me away from people cause it’s too much for me to handle. I’ve quite a mental illness. That’s why I’m so happy to be a member of your site, I feel at home here with the other members that have the same mentality. I don’t talk much. I’m too deep. But, you guys just bring me out of my shell because I feel a kinship, a home away from home. Sorry, rambling. Lol, I love and support the work you guys do. Thanks for your awesome site. riGOREmortis is the shit.

        • thanks, brother. and you’re welcome here, encouraged to just be yourself. If we help bring you out of your shell, then all the better. The exchange of ideas and gaining of knowledge are paramount. I like learning about our members.

          i suffer several mental disorders myself. bipolar and borderline personality and an anxiety disorder that i can control with medication. the mistake people make is wanting to always label everything and everyone. You end up being a label instead of an individual. My illness does not define me. my past life as an addict does not define me. nor does it define you.

  2. They mention “murder” in the video btw, but nothing specified. πŸ˜€

    And i have a theory based on antient beliefs from old religions that we live on these mortal bodies to train for ascension, that is, upgrading our consciousness for the “immortality” of our senses, achieving a higher degree of consciousness to a demi-god state where we wont need our physical bodies anymore, to a state that greeks called “Daemons”, a word stolen and transformed by the christian church and vilified to keep their flock at bay, today known as “demons”.

    I believe we start as weak souls, and during each lifetime, if we are strong enough to realise that purpose of ascension and start training our mind and souls through meditation, after our time ends we are able to carry our consciousness and stay in “limbo”, while having part of that consciousness fading, and whatever remains is stored in a “sleeper” state untill it reawakens in a new body, so you can continue your training untill you achieve perfection of the soul. You will end up losing said consciousness completelly if you dont, and your life starts anew in a new body without remembering anything from the past. If you do, you wont need to remember the steps of your training, and you will be rewarded with the inner knowledge of your past life. There is at least one known person in the world that is way ahead of everyone else, or most people if not, the Dalai Lama himself. He can be a perfect example of my theory. πŸ™‚

  3. Not sure why with every agonal breath taken by the victim the bystander in the immediate vicinity kept stepping back and forth fearing what if the soul from the dieing arsehole pins him down and his soul is gonna be taken along too ………..
    far and beyond the white rainbow.

  4. As an atheist, I don’t believe in souls. I look at it this way: I don’t remember anything before I was why would I remember anything after I was gone? One second and you’re here, the next, you’re not. It’s as simple as that, if you can get past the fact that you are not special.

    • Ah, come on @uniballer. You’re special! You’ve got one nut, you make a ton of people here laugh their asses off. Your humor is awesome and witty, you are unique in your own way. And that’s special. Whether you think it or not, I sure see you as one of a kind. Minus the ball situation, there’s plenty of people like that lol.

  5. Whether you believe in a Creator and a Savior or not (I do), life on this planet is very brief. We’re no sooner born and mature, then we’re dead and our bodies are decomposing. But I believe the essence of who we are – our souls – go on. We shall see, eh?

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