Sloth Bear Attacks Farmer and Eats His Face

Sloth Bear Attacks Farmer and Eats His Face

A 45-year-old Indian farmer identified only as Somanna was attacked by a sloth bear in a wooded area outside his property in the village of Madhugiri, Karnataka state, South West India back in 2015. The bear was approaching the property and Somanna did the foolish thing of attacking it with melee weapon, a machete. Having to get so close to the animal to attack it, the sloth bear responded in kind and pounced on the man. His cries for help alerted pretty much the entire village where they formed a large crowd and did little other than watch and record the attack. The sloth bear is seen in the video tearing and eating Somanna’s face. The sloth bear then (not shown in video) lunged into the crowd and attacked another man identified as 55-year-old Thimmaiah. The villagers fled and Thimmaiah escaped with his life but still suffered brutal mutilations. The sloth bear then returned to Somanna and guarded his body for four hours before authorities arrived and shot it to death (not in video).

The bear is reported to have been a 12-year-old who wandered off from a nearby conservation where the bears are protected from hunting. The sloth bear is routinely hunted for their meat and claws which are believed to bring good luck. Sloth bears are also captured and used as circus acts and treated very poorly. Looks like poor Somanna wasn’t wearing his lucky bear claw that day.

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19 thoughts on “Sloth Bear Attacks Farmer and Eats His Face

  1. I’ve seen this one, it’s one of my favorites. Didn’t know that the dude went after the bear with a mechete though. Dumb mother fucker, if you see a fuckn bear in the woods near your home, you first soil yourself, run like like hell to your house, then call professional help for aid so neither you or the bear has to be killed.

  2. With names like Somanna and Thimmaiah tell me which Bear in the world would have spared them .
    Kudos to the villagers for having caught it all on the camera .
    but the saddest part is that a Bear so young in age had to be shot dead only because some foolish farmer thought it to be wise to wield a machete to a sloth bear who he tried pushing off to make him wander off back to the forest .
    Wasn’t there a way out to save such a beautiful animal .

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