Brazilian Inmate Has His Leg Skinned

Brazilian Inmate Has His Leg Skinned

Got to love the Brazilian prison system. One of the most violent countries in the world breeds the deadliest prisons in the world. A man was involved in the typical violence perpetrated daily in the yard and had his entire leg skinned. The meat exposed and flesh hanging in tatters, he lays on the ground in agony. I wonder if he’s going to get any help or just dragged off and left to bleed to death by the guards…

Thanks, Pinky!

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26 thoughts on “Brazilian Inmate Has His Leg Skinned

      • I’d love to see that one day Obli. Pity we didn’t go there when we were living in NJ a few years ago, it’s the next state and we could have done it in no time. By the way, I think you’re looking very buff and sexy these days, Obli. Not trying to flirt with you, because I know you’re with the lovely Nextie – well ok, I am flirting, but not seriously. If you were single, you’d be snapped up, by me! Good thing I live in England eh, Nextie. I make it a rule never to date a friends husband, partner etc. But seriously, I wish you and Nextie all good things and luck in the World,and Big Congratulations on making this fantastic website. Well done both of you. Your friend, Allie. X

  1. Its one of those things about the Brazilian prisons where a subject is ripped open bare bone and then the others from a sidey hell hole prison adjacent about a breath away walk in by and suture the guy up . to rip open one of those teary eyed dem boys to walk lean talk mean the other days of the week around .

    Did I say It was all about human anatomy from a bunch of bastards wanting to take a lesson on ………… as to what’s its up to rip open when inmates masturbate without a strand of flesh on their bones .It must hurt bad but dick has seven lives to go through all this kinda ordeal .

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