Brazilian Gamer Gets His Jaw Removed

Brazilian Gamer Gets His Jaw Removed

Can’t even play games in Brazil without it turning into a possible murder scene. Case in point, this guy just wanted to chill in his hammock and play his PS4 when he met with a grisly demise. Looks like his jaw was ripped off or shot off. I know some people are sore losers and there’s a lot of shit talking and unnecessary drama in the gaming world, but some people take shit way too far. As a fellow gamer I am calling this a hate crime. Brazil is home to some truly Dark Souls.

Thanks Pinky!

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36 thoughts on “Brazilian Gamer Gets His Jaw Removed

  1. Another world another thrill
    He couldn’t escape the gaming overkill

    A purple flash
    The biggest crash
    he felt adrenalized
    it took him high
    just made him cry
    On last moment he gave it a try
    He said just look at me I never was shy
    Jaws ya lose if ya dare to buy
    Hello there dark soul was me
    and I am gonna say my last ” Good Bye”

  2. Nasty shit, that is…..but I’m going to play the Devil’s advocate at this point, by throwing in my two bob’s worth by saying……he may have been a gamer, but ill bet he was also either a drug addict with a big unpaid drug debt or a weak link in a heavy duty drug smuggling syndicate, that grew too big for his bridges…….

    Besides, i always thought it was only the 10 year old gamers in Brazil that turned all fatalistic and shit in the gaming world of Latin America……

    • Ha! We have us a murder mystery. He’s met some of the criteria, a fat slob in his shorts without a shirt. The bag of Cheetos is missing, if there was no cheese on his fingers he was using chopsticks which cannot be located. Now if he was unemployed living with mom then there you have it. It was mom.

    • Speaking of removing body parts in relation to TWD, it appears Mr. Kirkman the show writer owns a pet skunk, whom he had tortured and mutilated for his own convenience. He had the odor glands and claws of the animal cut out. Suddenly TWD got a bit of a nasty aftertaste, and not because of skunk odor.

  3. Lol “Dark Souls”, never got into that series myself, those games are ridiculously hard. If this guy was a shitty teammate on gears of war 4 then he probably deserved it, I hate being teamed up with idiots and quitters on that game. Think I’ve had enough of multiplayer for a while though, I’m on my second play through of Resident Evil biohazard, this is more my speed ?

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