Venezuelan Inmate Forced to Eat Other Inmate’s Ear

Venezuelan Inmate Forced to Eat Other Inmate's Ear

An older video that shows an inmate in a Venezuelan prison that was bound and is being forced to bite off and eat the ear of another inmate. Brazil isn’t the only country in South America that allows a specific brand of brutality to be meted out by its inmates on one another. Let the animals take out themselves seems to be the mentality and I can’t say I disagree. At least it keeps the citizens safe with the violent thugs just having each other to feed off of… figuratively and literally.

Thanks, Pinky!

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31 thoughts on “Venezuelan Inmate Forced to Eat Other Inmate’s Ear

  1. Be wary of flashing an ear to ear smile in those dark dingy prisons of Brazil for someone as gay as a fuck lord may just be watching over to nibble those tasty tasty Cartilaginous ears off like a rodent and they wouldn’t be twice shy about it .

    Imagine being caught up in a prison in Brazil where inmates hate not gnawing at anything meaty

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