Dead Filipina Woman in a Possibly – POSSIBLY – Drug Related Incident

You can’t be a drug user and still be alive in the Philippines.

Well, we didn’t really receive any information that went along with the image when @mrspink sent this to us but judging by how she died (which seems so sudden) and where she’s from makes me think that this is a possible drug related death. I don’t think the idea is far-fetched. There’s been 6000+ drug related murders since July. Quite a body count, right?

Drugs are bad, kids.

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18 thoughts on “Dead Filipina Woman in a Possibly – POSSIBLY – Drug Related Incident

  1. Its not hard to imagine how this Filipina may have died .It could be shabu or the marijuana. the lady was hooked on to.
    Is it any wonder then if within a span of 6 months 6000 lives got lost to abusing drugs should by any means come as a shocker to anyone within Philippines .
    Philippines is where the drugs are easily within reach .
    The lady may have fallen to her death from a rooftop or simply pushed down not knowing what in the world hit her .

    • She was killed by gunshots. You can see all the little yellow markers where the spent casings landed, and there are no telltale signs of a fall like severely broken limbs. Doesn’t seem strung out or underweight like most users, but that wouldn’t be the case if she was just using 420, so the “why” is anyone’s guess.

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