Brazilian Over Kill Execution

Brazilian Over Kill Execution

This brutal execution video is from last year and is a pure example of the Brazilian Over Kill. Ammo must be cheap as shit in South America because these guys waste no time in wasting shot after shot on a single man and what used to be his head. Filmed shittily as we see blood and brain and skull go spalttering onto the street. Good video and worth posting here on RGM for our own archives. Enjoy.

Thanks, Pinky!

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11 thoughts on “Brazilian Over Kill Execution

  1. The maniacs emptied every bullet they came armed with ……..but the guy who was showered a volley was dead already with the very first bullet itself . A sheer waste of precious ammo there … I would say ; although the story is in retrospect and about a year old
    May be the bullets come cheaper than onions in Brazil that’s how every frigging fucking homo brandishes one to go about his day scaring /killing common people and getting away with the crime cause the police is so very sissy that they dare not intervene for the fear of losing their own nuts and their families
    Bunch of sadists who were inflamed so much with the anger because every fucking homo of that lot was dead stoned already as not to know what they were stooped up to .

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