Extracting the Brain During Autopsy

Extracting the Brain During Autopsy

Let me first start this by saying, we have no info about this one other than the guy is dead as fuck and someone is tinkering on his insides.

I actually can’t think much of what to say other than, damn. I sure don’t want to get autopsied. Fuck it if I get murdered over rice or die choking in 50 black dicks. I surely don’t want to be opened up, have my organs harvested, and put them all back again.

@mrspink gave us this dank ass video.

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23 thoughts on “Extracting the Brain During Autopsy

  1. The corpse is cozied down to a level where his twisted pout seem to indicate that all the wild rip offs sometimes feel like bone ticklers
    Oh man does he feel it ?!! but what’s with the body language ?
    Those tickle seem to surge back and forth and his lips ain’t dead as yet but ready to smooch the guy performing autopsy.

    • Yea I’m totally fuckin serious too…is there some sort of clause or request in writing I can make NOT to be autopsied. Just primp me up quick,or if I’m turning blue lock me in closed casket,or cremate me as am. May sound silly,but I wanna leave with my body/insides/blood/organs intact if possible….like some final act of self dignity…let me decompose in the ground and feed the earth,or turn me to ashes.

      • Hell no thats not silly, morticians love desecrating the dead. I know it’s a law in the states to be emptied of the organs and embalmed before burial. And then they incase the casket in a steel box so the body can never be enveloped by the earth as it should be. We come from the earth, why can’t we become one with it again after we end? I know that the late great Andy Griffith was buried within several hours after he passed by his family, which in my opinion is the way it should be. I’m aiming for cremation if I’m not allowed to pop inside my coffin and eventually decay and rejoin the earth after my box subcomes to the dirt.

      • So donating your body to science for some pimply ass giggling med students to cut you up is out of the question then πŸ˜‰ How about being plasticized and put in a museum, the Muetter museum for some kids to ooh and ahh at your guts . . . πŸ™‚

  2. See?! This brain cΓ’me out like a rubbery ball so someone please tell me why they all seem to come out in liquid form after any kind of big impact?? WHY?

    • Eh sweetie I’m no brain surgeon,or Mortician but prolly as soon as ya die/rigormortis…(huh that sounds like a good name for website)…anyway I think everything starts to dry up-shrivel. So the brain goes from being fresh pink juicy grounded meat to a rubbery solidified texture like a boiled egg.
      ?…but woulda I know I still watch porn and jerk off.

  3. Most toffee nosed have a lot to offer from under their chest cavities , skull caps and the other body parts .

    This one comes with no exception . He appears loaded and and he hasn’t got no qualms about it .
    The fella is getting autopsied chunk by chunk for the juiciest ones is what the pathologist is gonna keep and the discards for the dogs by the state morgue to eat .

  4. Oh anatomy lab, how I’ve missed you. And our topless friend looks slightly less thoroughly preserved than the pickled bits I’ve worked on – much more squishy, slimy, and so much more pinkness going on. The lab always smelled bad enough, but imagine that smell with strong undertones of blood and putrecine… gag.

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