Wannabe Badass Knocks Guy Out and Kills Him

Wannabe Badass Knocks Guy Out and Kills Him

I really don’t have any info on this except that apparently the little prick that is unaware that he is white knocked the other guy out and as a result of his head hitting the pavement, he ended up dying from a head injury. His head hit the road pretty damn hard.. twice. And it looks like blood that’s seen on the road after he is pulled to the side. So the dumbass not only knocked this dude out, he robbed him, was the cause of his death, and the genius filmed it all. Way to go, homeboy.

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23 thoughts on “Wannabe Badass Knocks Guy Out and Kills Him

  1. The bit I read was the two guys were friends and the one knocked out fell out during a heated argument where he spoke badly of his deceased mother and also threw a orange at his face causing the face off, I think he’s applied for man slaughter, but whatever the outcome Dragging the body like that and stealing his phone this wannabe Wigger will get his karma in jail I’m sure or that !!

  2. I hate wiggers, they are worse then niggers. He will feel right at home with the real niggers in prison. Seeing how wimpy the wigger looks he just maybe sucking his years away in prison, he will be a fag by the time he is out.
    You guys notice after the guy fell to the ground, that wigger, acting just like a true nigger, went over to him and kicked him in the head, then took his stuff, just like all the niggers we see in other videos do.

  3. Fuckin stupid wigger piece of shit…its insane how nigger culture has infected/affected every race to the point of this behavior…not saying there wasn’t ever violence amoungst people of same ethnicities,but in today’s society it seems odd when you hear Ebonics being spoke in an argument. that awful nigger gene and culture has become part of the worlds DNA now.

    • Ha! It’s the thick-skull simian gene. They think everybody owes them everything. Example: The story a few months back, mother calls cops cause man grabbed her boy for littering. Cop tells mom she should stop her boy from littering. Cops arrest loudmouth sheboon mother and skank older daughter. I’ve seen these colored kids unwrap their junk food and drop the wrappers on the ground without giving it any thought. God help us if this gene continues.

  4. He isn’t damn sure if the guy is knocked out cold . The faggoty duo just keeps dashing up and down and pocketing what to them seemed like the ultimate of possessions . A loot is a loot motherfuckers if your conscience knows not about it………just await your turn cause your days seem pretty much counted and one of these days the Karma will have ya both on your knees. .

    A ha that dirty bum chum of the restless maggot with the cam who kept filming while smoking his shriveled lungs out will find both their lungs choking up soon .

    Pathetic every bit to the bone ……….. ya have a simple altercation and the next ya know some brainless bastard has something else playing on his mind to sniff your life away .
    How good was a gesture was that when he lastly moves the dead guy off track to the side ..was little fucking compassion showing up or what or he simply felt guilty knowing that it was a dumb mistake to do what he did to that guy ……
    Blasted lives !

  5. Same thing happened to my cousin but sadly the guy who hit him didn’t see much jail time. That guy had a long ass criminal history, too. My cousin was a young physician who lost his life cause some punk, thug got heated over a car ding. Life sure doesn’t make sense at times.

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