Truck Crashes Into Parked Bus

Truck Crashes Into Parked Bus

Happy Monday/Early Tuesday my Gorriors. The commute to and from work can sometimes be a nightmare, but sometimes, shit gets scary. A bus in Central New York City, NY was struck by a run-away truck on January 19th, 2017. Several passengers were struck by the vehicle as they sat waiting for the bus to take them toward their mundane endeavors. I’m not sure if anyone died as a result of their injuries but they sure got a shock. No word on the truck driver or what caused him to plough into the bus.

Thanks, Pinky! And @littlefoot will be around a little later to bring you your Medical Monday post!

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9 thoughts on “Truck Crashes Into Parked Bus

  1. Wow that old guy luckily wasn’t playing with his cell phone,or jerking off and noticed the truck speeding right at him…reacted quick with step and half lunge and saved his life definitely. Not today Death…not today. Hopefully he enjoys rest of days goes to bar/gets shit faced,hugs everyone he cares about…AND sues the driver to buy a fuckin vehicle and stop taking the shametrain to work.

  2. Hell yeah, that dude had Spidey sense! Peter paker in his golden years. Also, that asshole with the glasses in the back was a true new yorker alright, kicking open the door and running for it with no remorse or second thoughts to help or see if everyone was ok or needed help… Fucking yankeys…

  3. That’s one of hugest problem faced when the farmers go out and about with their truck as tractors ploughing everything in their path thinking of nothing else but streets and places as large expanse of farmland they could have or would have owned

    Give a farmer to drive a truck and this is what he does ..
    Traction please !

  4. That’s what happens when the EPA keeps imposing more and more fuel mileage requirements on commercial vehicles. Now they’re so lightweight, so much plastic and aluminum, that a pickup punches a hole right through it. 20 years ago, the bus would have had a dent, and the wrecking yard would be cleaning off the pickups engine that landed in its drivers lap, killing him.

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