Russian Man With Knife Takes 13 Year Old Girl Hostage

Russian Man With Knife Takes 13 year Old Girl Hostage

On February 1, 2017 in Omsk, Russia, a 41 year old knife-wielding man broke into a house where an elderly woman and her 13 year old grand-daughter were staying. The little girl managed to call the police while the grandmother fled the house to get help. The man then went into the girl’s bedroom with a knife and took her hostage. The police arrived and tried to talk some sense into the man but he demanded that police bring him drugs or he would kill the girl, all the while holding a knife to the girl’s back. The info I have says the man was high on heroin, but it’s more likely that he was in withdrawal from the drug since he was so desperate for it. I was in opiate withdrawal more times than I can count during my addiction and still remember that desperate feeling very well, but never did I once think of taking some kid hostage to get drugs. Fortunately, the cops decided to ambush him without giving him a second to think and saved the little girl.

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35 thoughts on “Russian Man With Knife Takes 13 Year Old Girl Hostage

  1. So glad to see the little one unharmed, maybe some emotional trauma but no physical damage. Drugs are certainly a plaque to the mass of unfortunate souls caught in it’s grasp. But this man is apparently far too weak willed to do something as low as this. I hope he finds help and support to fight his addiction… After he gets the ever loving shit beat out of him for endangering an innocent child of course.

  2. I dunno guys..of course taking a child or anyone hostage is outta the question nextie said, going through opiate withdrawal is thee most painful fucking event. I’ve been drinking 135 miligrams of methadone for over 21 yrs & without it, I would have killed myself long ago so as far as “junkies are worthless pieces of shit”, walk a mile in their shoes before judging. The physical and emotional withdrawal is excruciating. Just saying.

    • Yeah, I’m going to lower my standards to that level of being pathetic so I can walk a mile in some low life junkie’s shoes. While I’m at it, I’ll even break into someone’s home and destroy their sense of security and hold the family hostage for my next fix because I was retarded enough to get myself hooked on the shit to begin with, just so I can feel sympathy for his utter stupidity.

      Yes, I will get right on that.

  3. I liked the way seeing the son of a bitch having had no idea that a creep like him can easily be overpowered .
    And while he held the kid at the knife point for drugs in ransom he looked every bit like a paedo……and I thought the butter knife he had with him would help him
    calm the cops in to buying him sometime to dish out some breakfast and coffee and get away with the crime .
    Make the fucker sit on a heap of opiates please.

  4. H,all that for some h,I’ve seen crazy ice skaters do this type of shit,but that shit is intense to say the least compared to a downer like h,amazing the things humans will do to one another for a quick high,too bad they didn’t splatter his cashew sized brain out from a sharp shooter,still good vid though

  5. @yournextexgirl, First of all, just who the fuck do you think you are to call me a fuckface and a retard? I have an I.Q. of 128, which means I am pretty fucking far from being retarded. I definitely do not fall under that category. Besides, isn’t there a rule covering personal attacks? Why, yes there is. It’s actually rule number one on the Rules and FAQs page. Look it up and please be sure to read it very carefully.
    Secondly, I didn’t say jack shit about you, or anyone else here. Nor did I say anything about other people’s comments until it was done to me, in quotation marks, also I was grossly misquoted for that matter. For your fucking information, I was commenting, (Is that not what the comment box is for? I am 100% sure it is.) about the junkie piece of shit IN THE VIDEO ABOVE. NOT YOU, ANY RGM MEMBER, OR ADDICTS IN GENERAL. Did that simple fact elude you? Was it really that confusing when I described exactly what HE did in the aforementioned video? Oh, now I know what it was, I used such a complicated three letter word in my reply- HIS. Am I right?
    Yeah I get it, you were a drug addict that didn’t intend to be one. That’s your problem, not mine. So don’t fucking take your shit out on me and get all offended because you misunderstood my comment and took it personally. I was criticizing the junkie scumbag IN THE VIDEO for what HE did. I unapologetically stand by it.
    Thirdly, it’s none of your damn business that I enjoy human suffering. Their age, race, religion, social class, nationality, or sex doesn’t matter to me at all. But yes, I said that about the kid and without shame, or remorse. At least I have the balls to admit it and I don’t hide it like most people do so they will be accepted. I don’t need anyone’s acceptance. Like I have stated before, I am a sociopath and proud of it. I am who I am. If people don’t like me, then that’s just too fucking bad. I’m not going to change myself to suit total strangers ideas of what is, or isn’t appropriate.
    Honestly I don’t see your point in brining it up though. There’s no correlation between what I said on this post and on the other. Unless, it was your only piss poor excuse to justify calling me a retard and a fuckface. All because I said something you took to heart.
    Finally, the last thing I need is a lesson in morality from you. Especially since you are the one who posted a disgusting pornographic child torture video. I know, it’s reality, call it what you want. That’s how I see it and since you have the right to express your opinions, so do I.
    By the way, did you happen to notice how I responded to you without any personal attacks? Although my reply was laced with heavy doses of sarcasm and a slight taste of condescension. “Why?”, might you ask? Well, it’s because you brought this upon yourself. I will not tolerate any-fucking-body calling me a retard and allowing them to get away with it without reprisal. I don’t give a flying fuck who it is, or who they think they are, or if there are consequences. Because I am in the right here. It’s called being a man and standing up for myself.

    @mikey and @kay, What did I say about you for you to chime in?
    For the last time, let me reiterate for all to see, I DID NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT FELLOW RGM MEMBERS, OR DRUG ADDICTS IN GENERAL, JUST THE JUNKIE SCUMBAG IN THE VIDEO ABOVE WHO HELD THE GIRL AT KNIFE POINT. Why is this concept so difficult to grasp? Now with this being said, are we all on the same page yet? I truly hope so. I really would hate to go through this shit AGAIN.

    • Why are you upset? We’re just talking about things. Calm down. I have counted at least about 3 different personal attacks to Nextie so don’t say you didn’t say any. We’re just talking about things and telling opinions that counter yours. You don’t have to storm off about that.

      I don’t know why you have to tell us your IQ points. We didn’t ask for it and I don’t see why it is necessary.

    • I think you need to smoke some weed and chill the fuck out. You can cry about some chick online calling you whatever if you want but I did the same exact thing you did. Did I attack you personally? Did i mention YOU anywhere? Or did I say “I think retards who..”. It’s not my fault I said something you took to heart. And you can post whatever you want on here, but anything you post on this site I can reply to. Once you click post comment your shit is out there for anyone to respond with their own opinion too. If you’re gonna get this upset anytime someone responds to you in the way I did then you’re not ready to be on the internet. I don’t care what your IQ is. You’re the same dude that said Cleveland was like a third world country, so I really can’t go by anything you say. So now.. even more importantly what the fucking hell are you talking about a pornographic picture of child torture? Please let me know where you see that shit on this site. Because you’re a moron for even saying that. Yes, I called you a moron. Maybe one of the other mods will give me a warning so you’ll feel better. @havohej

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