Tag That Image! #5

Tag That Image! #5

Tag that image! And check out last week’s winner right fucking here.


“Daisy liked to let it all hang out… she had quite an outstanding mooterus ?” – @hfale


“That’s udderly disgusting…” – @bannedanna

“So THAT is what happened to Gateway Computers.” – @gentlenatureman

“Where McDonald Dollar Menu come from.” – @sumtingwong2016


“Looks like Acneska’s face.” – @yournextexgirl

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41 thoughts on “Tag That Image! #5

  1. And that poor calf doesn’t stand a chance. She’s going to remind him of this every stinking time she wants to play the guilt card. “Do you remember what I went through to bring you into this world, young man? Do you know what it’s like to have your vagina pulled inside out and hanging out in the cold for the whole world to see? And the vet bills – do you know what it costs to have 5 guys with cold rough hands make a house call to shove your privates back where they belong? No, of course you don’t – cause your a male. Just like your father. As long as you get off, you don’t care what the consequences are for the woman! Why, right after he got me pregnant with you, he jumped the hot wire and was bangin’ Gertrude! I’m telling farmer John to band your little cow nuts so you’ll never be able to even have sex. You can be a steer for the rest of your life…” (this goes on for quite a while longer, but much like the calf, this is where I stopped listening)

  2. No matter where the fuck we graze or laze
    at the farm or the barn
    darn ! that cross breeding yorkie
    even now won’t stop to hump or slump
    Sex is all that is left when he sees this rump
    even now its gonna lay me if he came around here only to bump.

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