Leg Broken in Several Places After Motorcycle Wreck

Leg Broken in Several Places After Motorcycle Wreck

A young man was involved in a motorcycle crash that left his leg broken in several places. The mangled, ripped leg hangs pretty much lifelessly and flops around on the ground as the man cries and screams in agony. Even if they save the leg somehow, he’s never gonna walk the same again. Nothing much else to say about this. As a bonus, I’ve included a random video of some severed heads lying on a sidewalk. Don’t know what the deal is there, but enjoy.


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18 thoughts on “Leg Broken in Several Places After Motorcycle Wreck

  1. “I’m gonna knock all of your goddamn heads together if you don’t stop fuckin’ around” – Dad. As for the biker, well it’s fairly a given if you dip that bike you’re gonna total this leg if you don’t know how to lay it down.

  2. Oh my my …………That’s the way to snooze when a good lullaby is sung . I wonder for how long these heads are gonna snooze by the sidewalk before the kids come kicking each of those heads across the street like a foot ball.

    The biker on the other hand has to endure such an agony he never could have bargained for .
    Another great reason to let not your hair down . not even when the devil of a speed prompts ya to go all out for it ..speed thrills but almost kills .and sometime it does
    Fragility is our another name let it not get mangled the way this guy had half realized before the inevitable happened .

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