Brazilian Execution with Annoying-Ass Music

Brazilian Execution with Annoying-Ass Music

Another execution from Brazil. But really, are we getting tired of these things? Fuck no! Brazil is the murder center of the world and we prove it here pretty much every damn day at riGOREmortis. Nothing too spectacular about this one, standard over use of bullets to take out one guy. They then beat him with a stick because why not? Don’t know what the man did, whether he was innocent or not, although it’s more than likely he was involved in drugs in some way and he was getting pay back for some real or imagined wrong in the eyes of his killers. Only thing really worthy of note here is that the murder is accompanied by some loud-ass, annoying-ass music. I’m not sure why… maybe they wanted to try and mask the sounds of the gun fire?

Thanks Pinky!

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14 thoughts on “Brazilian Execution with Annoying-Ass Music

  1. Never can, and probably never will, understand the need to over kill someone. I mean is it boredom? The need to vent? Seems like they can’t handle anything mano e mano and resort to guns and other weapons. I bet if the didn’t have any weapons they’d piss themselves in a good ole fashion fist fight. They’re probably scared they’ll ruin their Abercrombie and Bitch clothing and bleach tipped hair. I’ve seen some of their hands and those things are dainty as fuck.

  2. All I did was to stuff in a Little of cotton to both my ears and watch the video alone and I am glad I did or I would have turned a deaf .
    So to take on one guy with just a single bullet seems like thing of the past . This goon just happily pranced around and let the music play emptying out everything he came with .
    In Brazil when they say , FACE THE MUSIC IT MEANS THIS .

    ⎝(◉(o)◉)⎠< YES!!! (◉∩◉)< AW NO!!!

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