Two People Killed in Motorcycle Accident, Brain on Road

Two People Killed in Motorcycle Accident, Brain on Road

Two people were killed after being involved in a motorcycle accident. Not exactly sure where this took place but the man had his legs twisted, mangled and shredded, laying with his arms folded. The woman, despite wearing a helmet, had her head smashed and face ripped. The shiny skull popping through, her brains flying out and coming to rest in the middle of the street. We never get tired of brains around here.

Props to the Pink!

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9 thoughts on “Two People Killed in Motorcycle Accident, Brain on Road

  1. I’m guessing they were run over by the two sets of dual wheels found on large trucks. I say this because of the way his legs are wound up like that. Usually when extremities are twisted multiple times around like that, there’s usually a machine rotating at a high rate of speed and something gets caught.

  2. I REGRET TO INFORM RGM that a homeless man got ran over infront of my job last night….. and i was unable to retrieve content for yall 🙁 ;( 🙁 he was j walking at the light when it was dark and a car came from the dark side road probly speeding to cach the light and WABAM!!!! I had been waching him hobble by all day on his crutches too…. if there is still any blood splatter ill deffintly grab some pics!!! The only video content i have is some blury flashing lights cause my camera sucks ass 🙁 sory i failed yall ! 🙁

    -on a personal note ive actualy never seen death like that. Ive never seen somebody die in person. Nor have i been to a funeral actualy, despite losing several close people and family. It was wierd beeing comfronted by death in person yet i feel unchanged. And at the time of the moment? Slight exhileration and that same ominouse curiosity that drives my fascination heer at RGM. But in the end? I dont feel any different.

  3. This scene probably is the aftermath of reckless biking .
    When it comes to Biking its always said that going at breakneck speeds really does break necks .
    And then biking is never scary or ya end up getting dead ; its just that one has gotta respect something that has a mind of its own.
    Hey Joe ! do ya know it always pays to be riding slow
    perhaps doing 40 to 60 is your best bet.


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