Tag That Image! #4

Tag That Image! #4

Today’s contest is dedicated to the foot fetishists. Tag that motherfucking image! And check out last week’s winner here.


“When Wilford Brimley takes off his socks….” – @stroginuff(Jared)


“Pedicure specialists greatest dilema… when bigfoot comes in for his decade long periodical treatment. ?” – @derkopfsammler

“We’ve been aborting the wrong fetuses. ‘Cause these fetuses need to go, now!” – @uniballer

“The challenge is: Can you make a sock that can withstand these feet for a week straight. No tears, no punctures, no loss of elasticity.

Are you up to the challenge?” – @cattoobutt

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45 thoughts on “Tag That Image! #4

  1. Grandma: “well hello little one! Give me a hug!” (Boy cautiously hugs old woman) “say, would you do your ol’ granny a kindness and rub my feet for me? They’ve been hurting me something fierce lately. I’ll give you a whole quarter!” (Old woman removes slippers)
    Young boy: (looks down at old woman’s feet, quivers, drawing arms up in fear) “Grandma?”
    Old woman: “yes dear?”
    Young boy: “you’re gonna have to do a lot more than a mutha fuckn quarter to get my ass down there”
    Old woman: “wha….?”

  2. Get ye to the local nail salon, them Vietnamese gals a fix you right up. They don’t judge, they just speak about you in gook. Make sure to leave a nice tip ’cause thems a bad feets.

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