Dr. Da Silva Performs Brain Surgery

Dr. Da Silva Performs Brain Surgery

I knew that they had great medical care in Brazil. In this video, Dr. Da Silva is taking care of a special patient that he probably murdered himself. It starts with him trying to chop the patient’s head off with a machete, you know, to help him. When the machete fails he grabs a smaller knife and eventually gets the guy’s head off after a lot of work. Then Dr. Da Silva starts his brain surgery by sticking his hand in the dead guy’s decapitated head and starts pulling his brains out. Don’t worry though, I’m sure this is protocol in Brazil.

Thanks to @MrsPink!

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17 thoughts on “Dr. Da Silva Performs Brain Surgery

  1. The quality of that operating room is questionable… they could have at least removed those broken tiles though, the patient might get an infection from that… 😆 But yeah, thats how they cure headaches of PCMS (post-child murderer syndrom) patients in there, first they remove the head for an easy operation, then they release a bit of pressure of the head by removing the excess of brains they never used, and perform a bit of lobotomy… No patient ever complained or had resurgent cases of PCMS after this effective treatment… it works 100%! 😆

    • Indeed, my medical expertise is moot when it comes to PCMS. This Dr. certainly has caring hands with a light touch, patient probably didn’t feel a thing.? I’m recommending that this practice should be available to us over here in the states, PCMS seems to be quite a epidemic here, as with PCRS (post child rapist syndrome). Just look at Jared the subway guy… Pardon me for my use of language, but we the people need to get our shit together and deal with this damned PCMS and PCRS…? Brazilian style.

  2. I’ll give him an a* for perseverance! And more proof that brains are more like goo and not the bouncy rubbery balls I imagined them to be…! Side note, the back to top button keeps tricking me when I’m trying to post my comment ?

  3. Dr. D is a real back alley butcher, but his fee must be reasonable if he gets repeat business. Although it appears he botched this one. Won’t be the first time he’s performed malpractice. It was like he was cleaning the seeds out of a pumpkin.

    • @queeg0909 something about “Its the 15 here!” (some sub-gang or PCC or whatever)… nothing relevant really… just them giving instructions to cut his neck. The only relevant thing they say is: “This is for what you did to our brothers in Amazona, and Estado, and Rio do Norte… (…) your cowardice… your type comes here killing our children, and so this is what you get. You dont go out killing children that dont you think that we wont feel anything about it! We now kill the guilty ones! We are the Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC), we are the 15! And now, do you believe in us? This is what happens… This is our answer… It doesnt matter how many years we spend in the darkness, but we shall rise from the ashes!” Then they resume giving instructions to cut the head and more advertising, and saying that the guy killed were from CV or whatever, and that he’s got a “brain made of shit”… 😆

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