Half-Head Decapitation of Motorcyclist

Half-Head Decapitation of Motorcyclist

Hello my Gorrriors. Two men on a motorcycle were struck and run over by a semi truck on a highway in Brazil just today (January 25th). Both men were killed with one getting his crotch ripped apart, but more importantly he was victim of a half-head decapitation. His neck and jaw remain on the body and everything above was cut off and lays in the street. Looks pretty gnarly and we don’t see that kind of thing too often. Brutal death all around.

Thanks, Pinky!

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22 thoughts on “Half-Head Decapitation of Motorcyclist

  1. Obli, dude. You can’t say “had his crotch ripped apart” and then say “more importantly…” Our crotches are sacred. And they do most of our thinking for us until we’re at least 40. The coroner will say cause of death was decapitation, but we all know he died when Mr. Winky and his nutty neighbors were torn to bits.

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