Brutal Double Homicide in Brazil

Brutal Double Homicide in Brazil

A brutal double homicide occurred on Saturday, January 21st in the Jardim Morumbi neighborhood on the west end of Uruará, a municipality in the state of Para, Brazil. A man and a woman were found naked and dead on the ground floor of the building. The man, identified as 26-year-old Derick de Carvalho, was struck in the head with a sledgehammer and then finished off with a gun shot to the head. The woman, known only as “Subramanyam”, worked in a bar in the city and was found to have been strangled. No evidence of rape or other sexual assault. No suspects identified and no motive determined.

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  1. Mr. da Silva’s flip flops did it in the hammock room with a mop handle and a sledge hammer. See? I’m good @ Clue! Of course, my age is showing. These kids today were probably doing some suspension shit with the hammock and the pole and some cbt with the hammer. 🙄

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