riGOREmortis Presents: Asian Facials

riGOREmortis Presents: Asian Facials

Hello Gorriors. Tonight I present Asian Facials, riGOREmortis style. A huge collection here of dead Asian women on the slab post autopsy. All suffering different yet still similar looking deaths. Many feature creepy death stares that are pure nightmare fuel. Many are bruised and bloodied and there is one child in the mix as well. Corpses range anywhere from rape and murder victims to accidents and suicides. I haven’t captioned any of the photos this time around as I want the images to speak solely for themselves.

Look into the faces of death, my friends. What do they say to you?

Thanks, @mrspink!

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32 thoughts on “riGOREmortis Presents: Asian Facials

  1. Good thing bout giving deez Asians facials is there won’t be no cum dodging,or complaints of getting it in there eyes and hair.

    On serious note after viewing just this many corpses,everyone should just be cremated…no need to be gutted,etc. and no sense getting fleeced for a casket,make up/primp,funeral,burial. If people really want to hold on to a loved one, have professional taxidermist do it. Have grandma or pop-pop posed in favorite chair forever.

    • I had to google that to learn it “combines facial recognition with anime-like filters to make you look like a rejected Sailor Moon.” I thought you were referring to some kind of mortician’s wax, I’m old πŸ˜‰

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