From Russia, With Love

From Russia, With Love

This is Boris and Natasha. Not really, but it’s Russia so we’ll go with it. Boris and Natasha are having a little disagreement about something. Natasha probably changed her Fuckbook status from ‘Enslaved’ to ‘Single’ or some shit because Boris was probably texting Nadia, the whore next door. The chick in the video is screaming, “What the fuck did you do?” over and over at her boyfriend as she hits him. The guy is yelling back, “I love you, stupid one.”… So I am assuming she is accusing him of cheating. She punches and slaps him over and over and at one point it looks like she got it all out of her system and they embrace. Because hugging the girl that’s punching you always makes her calm down. If someone wants to calm me down, just give me Taco Bell. It works every time, just letting you guys know. Anywho, apparently she must have said something he didn’t like because right after they hug he knocks her ass to the ground. A woman runs to her and tells Boris, “She’s in pain, leave her alone.”… annnnd then Boris turns his attention to the woman because she is threatening to call the cops. Eventually Boris and Natasha get in the car and leave. No police were called, nobody got arrested.

I understand that women should NEVER hit men. Adults shouldn’t be hitting anyone, period. But clearly those slaps and punches weren’t going to do shit to that big ass guy. It took one punch for him to knock her silly. How do you guys feel about that? Should he have hit her like that? Is a man hitting a woman the same thing as a woman hitting a man?

Thanks to the wind beneath my wings.

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34 thoughts on “From Russia, With Love

  1. Be careful if you’re gonna mess with Vladimir Putin’s drunk brother on steroids.
    Should he have hit her like that? Of course not, they should’ve just went straight to the bedroom instead.

  2. To answer your question: Size doesn’t determine rights. Likewise, if women have been protesting and demanding equality for so many years, what’s wrong with giving them what they want? Equality is a fine thing.

  3. To answer your question, I think it depends on a lot of factors. I was 12 when I lost a testicle sparring with a girl in a karate tournament. The fact that she was female made no difference to lefty. I also wish women would understand that our pain receptors work just like theirs. You hit us, it hurts. It’s just that we’ve been conditioned by a lifetime of dogma to suck it up and not start crying. If I think a woman is just mad and throwing some little pissed off punches, I’m most likely to just deflect them or restrain her. If she takes a full on, trying to take my head off kind of swing, all bets are off. Equality is a great thing. Act like a lady and I’ll treat you like a lady. Act like a man, and I’ll treat you like a man. Oh, and if you even jokingly take a kick or knee at righty, you’re going down. Have to protect the one I’ve got remaining! πŸ˜‰

  4. Girl to hit boy not the same thing. Boy in video can just as easy stop girl from hit him by pull her hair or just twist titty a little bit. Instead he go nuclear option and try to knock all her teeth out. Sure girl can hurt boy if not defend properly, but so can cat or dog. Not mean you beat the shit out of them either. Boy body designed for be hunter/gatherer, women body designed for give birth/raise childrens. Equal rights in workplace and social institution not mean equal rights for beat the shit out of each other and if you think that way it because you very stupid or big asshole like boy in video. Equal rights for make both genders able to contribute instead of just one half and create better society.

    • Yeah well little bit sooner than later… In Russia they are getting ready to get rid of domestic violence laws… There is much debate there right now so we will see what happens… if that goes down no court in the country would convict him right now because she hit him first it doesn’t matter that he’s bigger it doesn’t matter that he’s stronger if they get rid of domestic violence laws in Russia she’s fucked

  5. Ive never hit a woman in my life. Sometimes a girl does get whats coming. I know highschool girls that would kick that guys ass no prob. BUT a dude like that? Realy? Against natasha? Ive had plenty of girls try to hit me. I just dodge, grab and restrain untill i think i have enough time to run lol plus they were both seemingly so drunk and trashy id swear this were florida if not so …… Russian

  6. What a pussy! It took him FIVE swings to knock her down! And she’s a tiny little thing! It’s hard for me to believe he’s never done that to her before, but then again if he had, she would have known better than to piss him off like that. Either way, my hat’s off to her! She’s got a hell of a chin! Those looked like some hard hits!
    Also I think the person filming came at 0:53 seconds, although it didn’t sound very satisfying lol
    I’m surprised you didn’t catch that @yournextexgirl and @littlefoot ?

  7. Oh wait! That was RUSSIA????
    Well shit, that was nothing but foreplay! Theyre gonna go home and do the nasty now…as soon as her vertigo clears up a bit ???
    And he wasn’t trying to attack that other woman, he was just trying to get a threesome going with her!
    But seriously, Russians are weird. He should’ve just grabbed her ass and thrown her over his shoulder and carried her to the bedroom ???
    That’s what I do to @littlefoot when she gets spunky ?

  8. Ya know guys, its so friggin nice to be able to just comment on a video and not feel like the mods are gonna cut us loose for having different opinions. RGM…you ALL have made an incredible gore site. Be proud! And thank you for letting me express my thoughts!

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