Baby Full of Cuts Found in Trash

Baby Full of Cuts Found in Trash

What better way to start Monday off with a depressing post?

We have some information here. The English was terrible in the translation so I am making the best I can out of it. This is from Indonesia. The body of a baby boy was discovered by a man who went out to carry perhaps some sacks of rice and saw a sack in a small ditch. When he discovered the body, he couldn’t get himself to do it so he called two other people instead and carried the corpse away from where it was found.

The baby was filled with lacerations and it appears to be in full term. I am guessing the abortion was too late so they rather killed the baby instead. Very cute baby too. Such a sad, sad situation and it’s getting more and more absurd…

…that’s Elton John for you.

Props to fellow chink, @mrspink

8 thoughts on “Baby Full of Cuts Found in Trash

  1. What do you guys make of the cuts? It wasn’t like a late term abortion. The little dude wasn’t cut apart inside mom. And the cuts on his sides have linear scratches associated. He is still attached to the amniotic sac, yet he bled out some where other than the box.
    Any other sleuths out there?

    • I thought maybe her man found out she’d gotten pregnant by another man so in a rage he started stabbing her baby bump which caused her to go into labor @woodwork
      Idk, I pulled that one out of my ass ?

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