Admitted Rapist Forced to Commit Suicide

Admitted Rapist Forced to Commit Suicide

In a men’s prison in Catalão, Goiás, Brazil, an admitted rapist was forced to commit suicide by hanging himself. He confessed to being a rapist and clearly the other inmates didn’t like that too much and forced him to put a rope around his neck and hang himself. I don’t know what he is saying, but maybe @derkopfsammler can help us out with that. Considering what they would have done to him if he wouldn’t have killed himself, I think he got off pretty easy.

Thanks to @MrsPink!

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35 thoughts on “Admitted Rapist Forced to Commit Suicide

    • @demented808 That is exactly what I was going to say. He got let off very easy! I would’ve thought they’d jizz just at the thought of having some really good fun with this sick sack of shit; starting the torture & dismemberment at his toes/feet, & working their way up!? Humm, I’m surprised they didn’t give him the ‘standard treatment’, making him beg & or wish for death to come & get him. I didn’t think they had it in them to be ‘soft’ & let him go with very little suffering, as per NOT usual. ??

  1. Wong speak Brazilians fluently. Man hanging say he not admit he rapist only that he ‘a little too rapey’.When inmates ask him what that mean he say ‘you know, just a little too rapey sometime.’ Video end with inmates to argue over whether rape or being ‘a little too rapey’ the same thing and one inmate talk about how he have uncle like that. Also in background play Brazilians Court TV. Man charge for rape and torture of 23 chickens.

  2. The tv in there is loud as fuck making it hard to hear others… but ill give it a try, looks like theres alot of new info i could savage from the video. Hes not only a rapist but a pedophile as well, he raped a 9 year old child.

    “Look at the camera here. Admit your acts, say that you are a rapist on paper.”
    (I dont understand what he says because sound is too loud in the background, but it seems he just asked “on paper?”, and btw, “on paper” i believe it means the same as “on record” in proper english)
    “Now are we doing a thing that is wrong or its (…) right, wich is the debt for the Primeiro Comando Da Capital (the executioneers are from the well known PCC gang it seems), understood? Nothing that (we do) is wrong, we are all have family and we protect society, understood? Thats it then.”
    (after hes lifted, he tried to grab the rope, and they just say “Take your had off of it!”)
    “Hes done, hes done…”
    “What do you mean “hes done?”… Shut up!”
    (random conversation)
    “The child was just 9 years old… 9 years old! We all have family here, damn it…”
    “Die maggot! Go to hell…”
    “Now we just need to find the other bastard…”
    “You must hold it for longer…” (hes talking to the one pulling the rope thats choking him)
    “Hes done…”
    “You must hold it, easy… hold it…”
    (once again the tv is too loud for me to understand the guy in the background, but he says something like “You bastard, burn in hell!” or something)
    “Thats not gonna break (he means the rope), just hold it”
    “Hes dead, hes already dead…” (and then he moves again… 😆 )
    “Go on, stretch it you bastard!”
    “You must take it off now (the rope)… (the guy moves again… 😆 ) …Not yet, not yet!”

  3. I’d hate to die with a shitty commercial jingle playing in the background…or idk, for some reason “Dancing With The Stars” came to mind lol…now that would REALLY suck! ??????

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