Retro Gore #4 – Porsche Girl


The images which follow are one of the most popular on the internet and go back to 2006. The infamous Porsche Girl. On October 31st, 2006, Nikki Catsouras took her father’s Porsche 911 Carrera without permission and left. At around 1:38 pm, she clipped a Honda Civic while she was traveling at over 100 mph on 241 Toll Road in Lake Forest, California. She then careened into the cement toll booth plaza and despite the air bag deploying, her head was completely destroyed. Toxicology reports determined that she had cocaine in her system at the time of the crash but was not under the influence of alcohol. There was also a whole media circus surrounding the circumstances of Nikki’s images being released but I’m not going to go into that. The subject is beyond moot at this point. Just adding some classic gore to our archives.

Thanks to @mrspink for the old school flavor!

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39 thoughts on “Retro Gore #4 – Porsche Girl

  1. Really nice pics here, I’m lucky I didn’t end up this way. I was born only 7 years ahead of this poor girl. I learned from my fuck ups young, but I tried pretty much all of it drug wise. You’d think we’ve learned from stuff like this since the 60’s alone. Human beings are not meant to learn shit after all these centuries I suppose.

  2. Oldie but Goldie. If anyone can retrieve the defunct content, that be great. The first gore site I ever seen back in 2003. I’m specifically looking for photos of a shotgun suicide to the head of a man on a couch and a black gangbanger with his eyes wide open and brains leaking out……

  3. I dunno..i thought Nikki was beautiful. And so what? She snorted a little blow…and even more so, her parents had a little what. She was a beautiful girl who died in a horrific accident. Thats all there is to it. Dont hate a girl because her parents have a little bit of money…we ALL, well most of us girls prolly snorted a little bit and drove a bit too fast back in the day.

  4. More importantly, the brainless little bitch killed a Porsche Carrera 911! It was worth more than her pathetic life. I bet her father wished he could have brought her back to life, just to kill her stupid ass again!

    On the bright side, she had one hell of a Halloween costume!

  5. Man this shit is fucking awful. I could put up with impaled bodies and bloodied legs, but fucked up faces? I don’t know… it just crosses a boundary with me (mind you, one i repeatedly cross) that is too far for me. Seeing the mandible and infraorbitals and zygomas and maxillas and all that shit in a mix-matched un-geometrical pattern just fucks me up–I go about my day to day life viewing faces as though they’re indestructible because it’s the most fundamental level of my brain’s idea of a “human”, yet here this girl is with a fuckin crater in her face and ash everywhere. GOSHHHHH this is awful! I couldn’t even maintain eye contact with my dad when he walked into my room (Luckily I had opened up my decoy tab–strokes song–before he could see what i was lookin at), because I just imagined his face contorted into all these grotesque forms and shapes that i’ve seen on this horrifying website….

    This dehumanizes the human. I don’t even view people as people.

    Please let there be something beyond the body
    Love for Eliza beyond the heart
    beauty beyond bone

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