Chinese Kindergarten Teacher Abuses Deaf Student

Chinese Kindergarten Teacher Abuses Deaf Student

A video of a kindergarten teacher hitting and throwing a deaf student to the ground and kicking him in Shenyang, China, was recently uploaded to the internet. The incident took place back in September of 2016. In the video, a young boy is seen sitting on the floor with his crazy bitch teacher hovered over him. She then grabs the boy and he yells out as she hits him. As the video goes on, the teacher gets more and more frustrated until she picks up the little boy and throws him hard on the ground and begins kicking him. The child cries the entire time while the stupid bitch yells that he was “too naughty”. The whole time this is going on, other children are watching and don’t seem too surprised by it, so this probably isn’t something that happened just once. At some point it looks like the teacher hurt her finger while beating the child, poor thing. The child may have bitten it while she was fucking around with his face, I couldn’t really tell. I only have the teacher’s last name which is Zhang. Zhang was fired after the video surfaced. I think anyone who physically, verbally, mentally, or emotionally abuses a child, an elderly person or an animal should have the living shit beat out of them for it. Too bad China isn’t more like Brazil.

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37 thoughts on “Chinese Kindergarten Teacher Abuses Deaf Student

  1. @nextie..your second to the last sentence says it all…”I think anyone who…, etc”. We might all be twisted in our own way but when it comes to children, animals & the elderly, I’m pretty sure we are ALL on the same page.

  2. @yournextexgirl thank you lots for all you and the rest to bring us this great site, I wish i could help out but i don’t know much about pc and web sites at all, and one day i will get off my butt and buy a money card (because i have no credit cards to my name, that way i owe no jew anything) and donate some cash to you guys, i will soon i do promise.

    • She was all like “You go die now”. Not to stereotype, but almost every Asian woman I’ve encountered is just plain mean and nasty. Maybe it’s the language barrier 😉

  3. Not playing for me. “No video with supported format and MIME type found” message when trying to play it
    so i went back to “pus filled eye drained” video (which played fine before today), and the same thing is happening, with same message

    Its The first time ive had problems playing videos on RGM
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  4. The video won’t play for me. ?
    Along with quite a few videos on here. Do other people get this issue? And has anyone found a way to fix this? I’m missing out on quite a lot on here unfortunately. ?
    If someone has a fix for this I would really appreciate the help ty. Btw hello everyone I’m a newbie, I think this site is awesome!! ?

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