Man Removes Dickhead

Man Removes Dickhead

You know, I don’t think I’ll ever understand the sexual thrill of self mutilation. I’m all for a bit of roughness but god damn these people take it to the next level! I’m assuming this guy was beheading his little friend for sexual purposes because I can’t think of any other reason someone would do this to themselves. We’ve seen plenty of dicks tied up the way his is to get off so I guess he decided to go a little further. I really wonder how these people feel after it’s all said and done and the high wears off. Are they regretful at all? Do they panic and take a trip to the hospital? Or do they get turned on all over again seeing their handy work? Guys usually try to make their dicks bigger not smaller but different strokes and all that jazz. And is that a wedding ring I see on his hand? Poor spouse…they should both wear goggles during sexy time from now on because that cum is gonna be spraying everywhere.

Thank you to Pinky!

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59 thoughts on “Man Removes Dickhead

  1. Man IS a dickhead! Must be a jew ’cause we know the old joke they like anything with 25% off. How anybody can do that to a near and dear old friend is beyond me, but that’s his choice. Shmuck.

    • I think it says somewhere in the Bible that if a man will castrate himself he has a guaranteed place in heaven… But why why why why why why why why why why???…. and I’m sorry but I’m not watching this video… I just can’t I’ve seen a lot of videos on here and in other places and most don’t bother me but me and my little captain are very good friends and I just can’t

  2. No. No. No. No. Did I say no?

    Why would anyone do that to themselves? Cut off the most sensitive and pleasurable part? No thanks! As someone who found themselves losing a bit of their junk, and definitely NOT by choice, I’ll never understand the desire to harm intentionally what you’ve got.

    • Those who know from experience swear that the human penis head is the best eating of the entire human body. Trouble is, they’re so small and it takes so many of them to make a decent meal…

      I talked with this guy some time back. He’s been into amputation most of his life. He’s not only missing a finger, but some toes as well. Psychologists have a term for it. Something like body disphoria, or some such. There are people who feel a certain appendage doesn’t belong on them and will do anything to be rid of it.

      Meanwhile, there’s a tasty and tender little snack for ya…

      • @xizang it’s called Apotemnophilia (body integrity identity disorder) I went all research crazy over this when I heard someone wanting to have their right hand removed because she thought it was foreign and didn’t belong there. She had dreams it was trying to kill her….Like idle hands..

    • @re-pete really do ya think that sewing back your dick could be that easy………
      I mean I am kinda perplexed if anything you could leave overnight on ice and have it sewn the other day. on …. ya think the dick wouldn’t die of hypothermia ..
      Dicks are dicks they need to be cuddled and well taken care of by the sweetest babes ya may be with I for one am dead serious cause that’s the tool my girls say they are crazy for and they even say its more like a giant lollipop. I always don three undies to shield it .
      Now don’t ya call me mad or something . but I could have never thought of tit fucking my chicks if I was this mad like the guy who sliced his tip off and ya know he is gonna deeply regret when he will see some big jugs

      • @blucon Well, I was thinking he would take his….dick head to the hospital right away, or soon after the next time he pees, because I’m sure it will feel like fire, and then may regret slicing it off.
        If he does that, I hope they sew it on upside down.

    • Ha! There’s a Pollock joke in there somewhere. While other countries spent millions researching the purpose of the penis head, Poland spent a few bucks on tissues to discover it keeps the hand from sliding off.

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