Man’s Face Badly Blown Up (Message to thealchemist)

Man's Face Badly Blown Up

Well, I have no information for this poor chap in here other than the good quarter of his head is blown off. I am pretty sure that if he isn’t dead, he is dying.

Not much to say for this video. i do have something to say about something else.

As many of you know, our videos have been ripped off by a person named thealchemist. We might do something about the watermarking of our videos although it might be a little nuisance but are trying our best to make it work for us and all of you viewers and members because much as we do not make and own them, we had our hands get to it first and to steal from us seems to be terribly wrong since we have a pretty good and reliable source. Don’t we deserve some credit, perhaps? We have found an exclusive video from us at major gore sites such as Best Gore and YNC. It seems terribly unfair for the little guy to be stolen from, don’t you think?

Well, thealchemist said on the other site that, and I quote:

“Most of bestgore videos were stolen, muppet. These are archives with no owner. You can either shut up or shut up. I am in the middle of recovering all the original videos. The ones you see are to keep people happy currently. We do not want post police like you.

Sharing IS the tech world.”

Judging by that statement, I would say that Best Gore is willingly stealing from us. Judging by that comment too displays the blissful and willful ignorance of their loyal members subservient to their masters with severe mental disorders and sexual deviances that brushes against the wrong side of the law.

Thealchemist, you probably do not know anything about the tech world and I would gladly bet $100 that you are not part of it. Our content here isn’t open source. It’s not something you can modify and distribute as you please. If you would so kindly speak for yourself on your defense, our doors are open and we would love to have a discussion with you. I, personally, would be delighted to have your company and I am asking so with politeness you barely deserve. But I like to think that we are not savages here. We have manners too. Savages are those who steal from little people. Let me think of an example…oh, I don’t know, like Best Gore stealing from riGOREmortis? Incredibly pathetic. What a wonderful company you probably make. Would you grant us that wish? I am addressing you personally because I am more than certain you check each and everyone of our videos and would crop away our watermark. And that is quite true, we do have a considerable archive over the months but that doesn’t mean you can steal it. riGOREmortis is a museum, you see. A museum living in contributions and wouldn’t it be illegal to steal from a museum? I suppose following your rather…arguable logic, I would suppose you think that you are above the unwritten and commonsensical rules that govern us. But I also reckon being in Best Gore robbed you off that too.

As Lumiere from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast sang, ‘Be our guest.’

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25 thoughts on “Man’s Face Badly Blown Up (Message to thealchemist)

  1. Well now Muppet. I’m having a hard time understanding that the videos were BGs first. How? There isn’t an ounce of integrity shown over there. Some of the content posted there is vile and illegal. I’ll never understand how anyone can idolize a person that they’ll never meet and who has a site that isn’t the first of its kind by any means, shape, or form. I’m not talking about rotten either. I guess people have to feel like they’re important albeit in life or online. Well it’s 6:30 am here and I’m waking up.

    Good Job Muppet ?

  2. Thanks Kay for bringing about something all afresh
    Secondly gotta tell ya kay there is no way we can leave the hounds behind the pilferer named @alchemist from ripping off the content and feeding the other goresite .
    I hope MARK shuts him off ( IF he has ethos and ethics) beside RGM needs to show him the door .Do so please if ya can and also prohibit the downloads through any download managers .Just put in a stop if its necessary let no content flow out with the right click copied or the downloads allowed as there are tools and tweaks the webmaster may know .

    I will have very little to say about the way this guy has been facially half ripped off …. AND there appears a crater and I so sorrily depressed wondering which surgeon in the world is capable enough to fill in his hollowness !!!!!
    GIMME A MOMENT this video has me scratching my head without dandruff

  3. You tell em @staciejaxx (kay) God bless rigGOREmortis! Fuck the rest! And no, we aren’t savages. We are a fuckn Family. And I for one am all about sharing food at the table. But, when some fat fingers come upon it and take what and all they please with out even paying tribute or thanking the ‘host’, I sure as shit don’t abide by that ‘law’. But like you said, by all means, be our guest. Not our thief.

  4. Way to take the high road, @staciejaxx. BG has been using content without credit for years. I would see stuff on Liveleak one day, than on BG the next.

    And speaking of BG, beyond the totalitarian attitude of Mark, one of the main reasons I left the site long ago was because of all of the porn ads everywhere. Hey, I’m not anti-porn (so long as those involved are consenting adults) but in my opinion, mixing gore and porn is creepy -like serial killer, sexual predator, kind of creepy. No wonder the authorities kept a close eye on his site.

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